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ANY good Chinese in CT?

China Pavillion is pretty good for sit down. For take out, I highly recommend Hong Kong in Milford. Just really terrific basics. Everything I've tried is spot on good. Prices are reasonable. or spend the money, take the train to NYC, hit Chinatown and go to Wo Hop, never a bad meal there in 25 years.

China Pavillion
374 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

ANY good Chinese in CT?

Really?? I tried that place end of December and the food was greasy and sub-par and the staff couldn't speak English enough to tell me when the food would be ready.

Good bagels in New Haven?

Sorry to hear about Whole Foods going downhill. I found Cohen's in Branford, right on the green, and they are really great. After 2pm they're half price too, so great bagels and a deal..that's music to this Jew's ears! I tried Bagel Bar and was very unimpressed. Nice guy who owns the place, but the quality of bagel, not so good. As for the East Side H&H, haven't been in a while, but last time I stopped for some, about 6 months ago, they were as good as always.

Good bagels in New Haven?

I'm an expat New Yorker and the only decent ones I find are at Whole Foods in Milford. Aside from that, I bring back from Manhattan whenever I get a chance. I did hear there was a decent place in Branford on Rte 1. Westville Food Market carries H&H, they deliver in the morning and are gone by noon. H&H generally refers to the west side H&H factory on 45th street, which is not related, anymore, to the one on the Upper East Side, where the cops must be looking for my cars I've gotten so many tickets there.

Taco Trucks at Long Wharf in New Haven

J's ia awesome!! The burritos are huge with fresh filling and the $1.50 tacos are bursting with flavor. Beware the salsa, tasty but packs a kick.