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Redballs Rock and Roll Pizza Woodland Hills - Review

After reading a positive review of Redballs Rock and Roll Pizza in Woodland Hills last week, I decided to hop over the hill from Santa Monica to try it out. Despite having miraculously lost nearly twenty pounds this year, I can't omit pizza from my life - just not gonna happen. So I went there, and it was bonafide excellent!

The place is adorned with rock and roll memorabilia - posters, autographed pictures, leather jackets (the owner also has a leather shop next door that caters to the rock cognoscenti, evidently), guitars, and the like; apparently, the restaurant is the brainchild of David Veira and Cars guitarist Elliot Easton, who both complained of a dearth of authentic NY pizza in the Valley.

Well, here it is, folks. Super-thin crust, not overly sauced or cheesed. Beautifully charred crust, friendly staff, and humongous large pies reasonably priced - a large cheese will set you back about $14.00, and well worth it. They also have wedges, pasta, and salads. The wedges (something like a sloppier calzone) are supposedly great, but the pizza is where it's at - I can't imagine anything else there being as good.

I also ate at the relocated Vito's last week, and that's my favorite pizza in town of all the places I've been to (I'm a 44 year-old native Angeleno who has yet to try Casa Bianca). But Redballs is pretty damn great.

Anyone else sample this place?

Jun 01, 2007
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

Best Lunch Spot for Industry Types?

My wife is entertaining a childhood friend who is now a model in Italy. She's back in Los Angeles for a few days, and my wife wants to take her to lunch tomorrow. Her friend wants to go a place where the 'beautiful people' (her words) hang out. Any suggestions? I suggested The Ivy on Robertson, but wondered if there are any other places. Thanks!

Jan 03, 2007
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

Mozza's "Topping-To-Crust-To- Ratio" Is Off

My wife and I ate there last night as well. Started with appetizers - fried squash blossoms w/ricotta, white bean bruschetta w/mushrooms, and tricolore salad with anchovy dressing. All were absolutely sensational. The squash blossoms were not oily at all and the ricotta was creamy-good! The white-bean bruschetta was amazing - generous portions of white-bean hummus, a blend of mushrooms underneath, and topped off with sweet aged balsamic vinegar. The salad was tangy and crisp - more to my wife's taste than mine, but still really good.

We ordered two pizzas: the Gorgonzola/fingerling potato/rosemary, and the Funghi misti, fontina, taleggio & thyme. The former was pleasant (the potatoes didn't make the pizza seem heavier - quite a feat) but ultimately a little salty, and too much crust. The funghi pizza, on the other hand, was heavenly: haven't ever had such creamy, delicious mushroom pizza (do they use truffle oil? Sure tasted like it). I'll definitely be back for that one.

Dessert was the capper; butterscotch pudding with creme fraiche and two little cookies w/pine nuts and rosemary. Possibly the best dessert I've had in ages. Memorable doesn't begin to describe how yummy that pudding was.

And the service? Absolutely top-notch. We went on a Saturday night at 7 pm and were out before 8. Glasses were refilled, our orders arrived in minutes, the waitress (ask for Christine!) was relaxed, attentive, and very friendly. Nancy was working the pizzas last night, and David Rosoff was working the tables. Extremely friendly atmosphere. He told us that Mario Batali has not been there yet, and that they're eagerly awaiting his arrival and feedback.

The whole meal - salad, two apps, two pizzas, bottle of mineral water, and two desserts - set us back $78.00 before tax and tip. I think this place will be one of our mainstays for years to come. They'll work out the pizza kinks - be patient, folks. This place rocks!

Nov 19, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

pico robertson eats?

Magic Carpet is indeed wonderful. Nagila on Pico just east of Beverly Drive (across from Factor's Deli) makes a really tasty baba ganoush and their shawerma is also yummy.

If you like soup, there's a place on Robertson and Cadillac called The Bagel Factory. I like their bagels okay, but their soups are delicious - especially the carrot soup, corn chowder (non-dairy and really tasty) and mushroom soup. Very reasonably priced - for about four and a half dollars you get a medium, 16 oz. soup and a free bagel - a nice little meal for the money. It's always pretty crowded and the parking can b a bear, but it's worth it. I believe every soup is non-dairy and kosher.

Sep 20, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant Choices For Pellegrino 'Dine-Out' In September?

My wife and I are planning to participate in the 5th annual Pellegrino 'Dine Out' this September; $1.00 from each meal goes to the Share Our Strength program to end childhood hunger.

Among the participating restaurants in the L.A. area are:

Grill on the Alley/Grill on Hollywood
Chaya Brasserie
Engine No. 28
Il Moro
Locanda Veneta
Pasina Trattoria
Thousand Cranes
Vert by Wolfgang Puck
Windows Steaks and Martinis
Xiomara on Melrose
Vito Restaurant
Chaya Venice
Cafe Med

We've been to Norman's, Locanda Veneta, Michaels, and Il Moro. If you fellow 'hounds had to pick one from this list that we've not been to, which would it be, and why? Recommendations, please, and thanks!

Aug 28, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

L.A. Chowers Looking for Napa Lunch Recommendations

Thanks so much for the recommendations. We flew up to SF yesterday for the day (LAX was really efficient and quick considering what had happened in England the day before), rented a car, drove to Napa and saw the C.I.A. (amazing) and decided to have lunch at Pilar.

And are we glad we did! Don't know if they're more crowded at night, but the place was virtually empty at noon - just us and one other couple. My wife chose the sandabs - very tender and moist, while I had the grilled hangar steak with chimmichuri sauce and fries - absolutely wonderful, tender and cooked perfectly. Great salad with golden balsamic vinaigarette as well.

Thanks for the recs - we're going back in a month or so, and will try some of your other recommendations. Thanks again from an L.A. Chow-er.

What Restaurants Have Lived Up To All The Hype?

I know people here have had mixed experiences at Lucques, but my wife and I had an absolutely amazing meal there recently, and the service was top-notch as well. It definitely lived up to its hype, at least for us. We'll be trying AOC next.

Aug 12, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area


'Crackberry' is a pretty apt comparison. I went yesterday, at first taste was taken aback by the plain yogurt's tartness, then wasn't sure if I liked it, then devoured the whole 8 oz. serving (+ berries). I brought my wife back today, and it was even better - she was just telling me, "I want more of that Pinkberry!". We live in Santa Monica, so luckily I won't be going all the time. But it is addictive, ymmy stuff, for sure.

Aug 06, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

Bluebird Cafe - Culver City

I LOVE Bluebird Cafe. My wife told me about what a great meal she had there, and I've been back there twice with her. Great pressed sandwiches, and the cupcakes are indeed fantastic. I admit to going gaga over Sprinkles when it opened, but it is no match for Bluebird's cupcakes.

The owners are really nice as well. Try to go in the later part of the afternoon when it's not so crowded; the service can be hit-or-miss during peak lunch hours.

I HIGHLY recommend the place.

Jul 21, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

L.A. Chowers Looking for Napa Lunch Recommendations

Greetings, Bay Rea Chowhounds! My wife and I are going up to Napa Valley from L.A. for the day for our anniversary next month. She's a private chef and cooking instructor who's going to be taking some courses at C.I.A. in the fall, and we're going up there to look at the place.

Since we're not going to French Laundry (too expensive), do any Chowers have any recommendations for lunch in Napa or the surroundings (we'll just be up there for the day)? What have your experiences been like?


Fianagled the fiancee into taking me to Heaven-I mean Surfas. I am still speechless!

Take the 405 South to the 10 East interchange (towards downtown LA, not Santa Monica). Exit Robertson. Follow Robertson across Venice, make a left at Washington (2nd streetlight). Surfas is a block north on the left. Have fun!

Jul 10, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

Really tasty, but quick & inexpensive near the ArchLight Theater in Hollywood

I second Tere's. It's excellent Mexican food, and very reasonable. One of my favorite places. It's located in a strip mall on the southeast corner of Melrose and Cahuenga.

Jul 09, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

cheap, good Indian buffets on the westside

Nawab does a daily lunch buffet for something like $8.95, and it's quite good.

Jul 03, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

Tender Greens - Open & Excellent

My wife and I went to Tender Greens for lunch yesterday. She's a private chef and cooking instructor who works nearby, so this was her third time there, my first. She had the Cobb Salad, I had the Chinese Chicken Salad. A very nice meal, I must say. I thought the portions were quite plentiful and tasty. I'm not sure about it, but the chicken in her salad seemed grilled, while mine tasted poached - hers tasted better, naturally. That was the only complaint I had - the grilled chicken would've been the perect touch. Wonderful Roma Tomato and Basil Soup (though the pesto splash on top was unnecessary). She drank a watermelon Agua Fresca - delicious, while my lemonade was really good but not close to the agua fresca.

Friendly, quick service, reasonable prices, and market-fresh, tasty food. We'll definitely be coming back.

Jun 30, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

Ventura...Used to be a sore subject

My wife and I ate at Tutti's for our 12th anniversary a few weeks ago (we used to love the old Montecito location) - a really enjoyable meal, and their salads and baked goods are especially excellent.

Haven't really explored many of the other new Main Street eateries, but we'll definitely check more of them out next time we go up to Ventura (we live in Santa Monica).

Jun 25, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

Lucques - Disappointing

Don't know about the short ribs and the pork belly, but when my wife and I went for Sunday Supper a few weeks ago, it was damn near close to a perfect meal. My chicken was absolutely moist and tender, and my wife's snapper was amazing - perfectly cooked fish. The salad, with frisee and haricot verts with a citrus-shallot vinaigarette, was wonderful as well. And the dessert (blood orange sorbet and chocolate cookie) was great as well.

We were loathe to go to Lucques after so many negative reviews on the old site, but we are certainly going back.

Different strokes, I guess.

Jun 25, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area

where to find vosges chocolates in la

You're in luck if you're in West L.A., because Surfas in Culver City has them - or at least they have the chocolate bars.

Jun 25, 2006
bixhenry in Los Angeles Area