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Great ice cream shop/bakery for informal birthday party?

I may be a horrible mother, but I'm planning my daughter's 1st birthday party (family and a couple of friends only) and of course, it falls on a horrendous weekend in terms of work commitments. The easiest way out is to hold the "gathering" at a place with the cake or ice cream that I should be providing. I won't reserve or book or anything, just ask all to gather on a Sunday afternoon for an hour or so to toast ice creams cones (or cupcakes) in honor of our darling girl.

Any recommendations for cute yet spacious places that fit the bill? I was thinking Liberty Custard, and still might keep that as the place, but nearly everyone (myself included) is coming from North Minneapolis to St. Cloud, so it does seem a little south.

Any recommendations?

Jul 15, 2010
sarcjohn in Minneapolis-St. Paul