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The Oaxacan Kitchen-Palo Alto

Same ownership - Vive Sol and Fiesta del Mar...

zha jiang noodles in MTN. VIEW

Hi board. I performed a search and found a place that sounded interesting in Sunnyvale only to see the last post by M. Wong stating that the place had closed... :-(

For the record, I have not enjoyed anything at Yulong off Castro.

I read all the links and it seem like Zha Jiang Noodles are a "comfort food." That sounds great. I have only enjoyed the pork version. Wikedpedia had a photo with thick white noodles. I have always had it with the thicker (egg?) noodles.

Thanks for recommendations - anwhere from Palo Alto down to Santa Clara is fine.


Can I be a foodie, and still like Sweet and Sour Pork?

Hmm. Sounds good, has some pretty good reviews. I'll try it this weekend. Thanks for the recommendation.

Can I be a foodie, and still like Sweet and Sour Pork?

Can someone that like fine wine, wonderful cheeses, and delicate pastries actually like s/s pork? I do.

Any recent ideas of where near Mountain View/Sunnyvale?

Just went to Yulong and nobody liked the s/s, the Kung Pao, or the Zha Jiang Mein.


Lousy Recommendations and Good Tacos

I live in Mountain View, notorious for the Terrible Restaurant Row on Castro...

I am amazed at some of the recommendations on these boards. I love to eat, and have worked in the restaurant industry for 15 years. I know good food. I know bad food. Some individuals may have different tastes, as taste is subjective, but I know food.

Today, as I was eating at a taco stand in Redwood City that I have frequented for several years, I told the love of my life that with the many misleading bad recommendations all across the internet, I would write my first recommendation - a taco stand no less...

If you are in a mood for a great STEAK TACO, try Naranjo's in Redwood City, at the corner of Broadway and El Camino Real, across from Sequoia High School.

Is everything in this place great? No, the tacos are great. Is this somwhere you would go out on your first date? Probably not. It's just a "taco joint." Yes, they have Barbacoa and other items which seem very popular and are good, but I have traveled throughout looking for the best tacos. At Naranjo's, nothing compares to the YUMMINESS FACTOR of their steak tacos. Their poster states they use Harris Ranch Beef. Recently, I tried the Barbacoa (beef), and they provided me with an order of four HANDMADE TORTILLAS. Well, today, I thought, "Hmmm, those tortillas were great, so I will order 2 Tacos de Carne Asada, and a side order of the handmade tortillas." I then constructed my Tacos de carne asada with the handmade corn tortillas in lieu of the tortillas that come with the order. I was in Taco heaven. It was lunchtime, so it was busy. They couldn't cook the meat fast enough, which means that it did not rest for more than a minute, and was exceptional.

The place is worth the visit for the Tacos de Carne Asada as they come prepared. For a little twist, order a side of the HANDMADE TORTILLAS, and you'll see what I mean!...

BTW, I have yet to find great Chinese Take-out in the Mountain View/Sunnyvale area... I don't even care about price anymore. Regardless, some of the recommendations on these boards have left me shaking my head. Hope you try these steak tacos, or have tried them. Maybe you too will be shaking your head, or actually enjoy!