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Any suggestions for 10 year Anniversary dinner in Bethany Beach, DE (area) ?

thanks for the tips!

Jul 26, 2010
chewbaccaburger in Mid-Atlantic

Any suggestions for 10 year Anniversary dinner in Bethany Beach, DE (area) ?

HI. looking for a nice spot for great food and great atmosphere to celebrate 10 years. Will be staying in Bethany Beach area (not proper). I have been visiting Rehoboth Beach and Lewis for years but have not really done the Bethany BEach, Fenwick, OC thing so thought there might be a nice new spot to enjoy further south.

Saw some nice suggestions for overall places but want to narrow down to GREAT for our occasion. (suggestions included SEDONA, Defabos to name some.....??)

We enjoy CAFE SOLE and PLANET X in rehoboth as an example, but open to even though its a nice occasion, it doesn't have to be stuffy......

Also, if it means some travel outside of BETHANY, that's fine too..

Thanks for your help.

Jul 16, 2010
chewbaccaburger in Mid-Atlantic

Don't put your brother in charge of the summer rental! Need Bethany/Rehobeth Dinner Recs

i second cafe sole. rehoboth has different spots than all the others. cafe sole has amazing bread pudding and dinners. deviled eggs for lunch are nice. DOG FISH HEAD in rehoboth is amazing local beer with unique beers always on tap. PLANET X is hip, and we always go there. outside funky eating on porch, casual, pricey, and artful prep. good crab cakes, and vegetarian options............went to FINS or first time in REHO and lobster roll was good......... sorry don't know much about BETHANY, going there myself in august and looking for 10 year anniversary dinner anywhere in surrounding towns...........LEWIS has uber classy restaurants if you want to drive and is a great old classy beach town........

Jul 14, 2010
chewbaccaburger in Mid-Atlantic