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Looking for Chicken & Rice (NYC Street Food)

I dunno man, Tei An is pretty damn amazing for everything but they're pretty expensive due to the location and quality.

I heard about the new ramen place in Austin and I'd love a good and decently priced place here.

Also I noticed no one has any ideas for NY style halal chicken and rice. Are none of the middle eastern places in town making it? That's a pretty shocking oversight, but I have yet to hear about a decent shawarma place in town too. (Did have a guy tell me he was opening a place called Kebab-chi in Arligton but they've got zero web presence thus far.)

Where can I get a corny dog as good as Fletchers?

It's the offseason and I'm starting to build up a craving. Most of the fast food options like Sonic really aren't that great, I suspect they're frozen whole then fried on site. Do any restaurants or more offbeat fast food places have a really good corny dog?

Bonus points for anyone who has something like the amazing new jalapeno cheese dog at last year's State Fair.

Dallas best brunch

I know a lot of people like Breadwinners' brunch. I've only had it once and though it was okay. I wasn't quite as impressed by the heart attack omelet as I thought I would be, I guess.

I also know a lot of people like Buzz Brews for breakfast but I've never eaten there.

What exactly are you hoping to eat for brunch? If you narrow it down to something like eggs Benedict or pancakes I'm thinking it would be a lot easier to figure out.

Kor-BQ Korean Tacos

Finally made it up to Plano to try this place. No longer do we have to be jealous of the NY/LA/DC Korean taco truck. I had the bulgogi and dweji tacos. They're really great. Unfortunatly there's no chairs, but standing around high counters to eat works fine. I had a chat with one of the owners, and he let me know they're putting in an a fryer for eggrolls soon. Quesadillas are also coming soon. I suggest giving it a shot if you're in the area.

Jimmy's Market

If you look on the website, there's a bottle of Matouk's Calypso Sauce in the photo behind the Cuban sandwich.

Hillcountry Style BBQ in Dallas area

Lockhart Smoke House should be opening in Oak Cliff around January 10th. I'm really looking forward to it. They're importing Kreutz's excellent jalapeno sausages.

Christmas Eve / Christmas Day Dining 2010

What about takeout or catering options? My poor mother threw out her knee yesterday. We've got the turkey and ham covered, but she's usually the one who does the sides and desserts. I've got emails out to Pecan Lodge and Lagarto catering. I've looked at Whole Foods and Central Market. Is there anyone else I should be considering?

Looking for good CHILI in Dallas area

Hah, good guess but she's actually from Chicago. I assume it bleeds over the whole Midwest. But I did receive a can of Skyline Chili from Cinci once. Wasn't all that impressed. I prefer my chili thick over watery.

I saw an Tolbert quote in December's Texas Monthly today that "You can't make proper chili with beans, the chemistry is wrong." And when Googling the quote, I found a great 1978 article in Texas Monthly where they denounce tomatoes as part of a Yankee plot to make chili taste like spaghetti sauce.

423 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

Looking for good CHILI in Dallas area

My own mother prefers her chili with beans and (shudder) spaghetti in the New Mexico style. Terrifying.

Looking for good CHILI in Dallas area

Olympic Pizza I believe. They've been gone at least 10 years, maybe 15. There used to be a sushi Japanese place on that intersection too.

Questions about Wingfield's Breakfast & Burgers (Dal)

The most important things to know about Wingfields:
1. CASH ONLY, but its relatively cheap. The most expensive single (Bacon cheeseburger) is $7, fries are $2 or less.
2. Open till 7PM Monday - Saturday, closed Sunday. I always recommend calling ahead. They're not always busy, but when they are they're absolutely slammed and you'll wait 30+ minutes for a burger.
3. Beckley / Saner park a block south is the best place to eat at if you don't want to sit on the stoop or the hood of your car. Head south, and turn right on Hobson. There's picnic tables, and a dumpster to throw stuff away when done. Occasionally, I've heard stories of people openly drinking or smoking weed at the park, but I regard it as fairly safe during the day.
4. Bring LOTS of extra napkins or paper towels, it's really messy. You may also want more drinks than even the large sized one there provides.
5. Condiments put on the burger is either mustard or mayo. No BBQ sauce or ketchup if those are your style, but they can give you ketchup packets. Veggies are tomato, lettuce, onions and pickles.

I keep forgetting to get a menu photo with my cell to post here since it isn't on the internet anywhere.

Deep dish pizza in Dallas/Fort Worth area?

How many of these places are sauce on top, cheese underneath like a Chicago pizza should probably be?

To contribute, I've been eating at Chicago's in Las Colinas. It doesn't really compare to some of the places I ate at in Chicago, but it scratches the itch. A lot of people I know really like their Chicago dog but I'm not qualified to judge it.

New to Dallas: Ice cream, bread, etc...

Ritzy's Diner in Grapevine is a good choice for ice cream. Wide variety of interesting flavors like Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Cherry Amaretto.