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Damn good question,t. I hear they got some cajun pople out on the west bank, but I ain't neva seen cracklin' anywhere near N.O. When I drive back to Flatte Platte, "Billy's Dinner" on 190 in Krotz Spring:

Billy's Diner
24467 Highway 190 W
Krotz Springs, LA 70750
(337) 566-2080

Hit that spot up, when at all posible. Top notch boudin and cracklin. Really the closest place from New Orleans and Baton Rouge that I know of to get the real deal.
I'd stay away from the 'boudin balls'. Go pure. This dude wote about it:

But YEA!! Anyone know where around NOLA can you get you some boudin, crackin, griades(sp?), bouee (?), stuffed ponce, tasso, smoked sausage (not that stuff they call andouille here in the city, the real deal-smoked well)??

Please don't mention that frou-frou, petite potion, bourgeoisie "Conchon" ain't got 'da lait'

Sweetbreads, Best in N.O.? Good butcher shop? Is there any market where you can by them raw?

Which restaurant has the best sweetbread dish? Does any place in town serve the pancreas rather than the thymus?

Also, does anyone know a butcher shop or market where they can be purchased raw?

I'd also like to find a market where I can buy ox tail, chicken hearts, cow tongue and other wonderful offal, please help

Best (or even good) Coffee or Espresso in N.O.?

Anyone heard of St Francis De Sales Coffee Houseā€Ž on 2nd street?
Still open?

Best (or even good) Coffee or Espresso in N.O.?

Awesome! That's exactly what I'm looking for a roaster's warehouse where you can get a pound of beans fresh and cheap. I've never been to Zotz. Thanks for that rec, too.

Best (or even good) Coffee or Espresso in N.O.?

Everywhere?? Like the new McRoast?

I'll try N.O. Coffee Roasters, thanks.

Best (or even good) Coffee or Espresso in N.O.?

Where's the good coffee? I've heard a large percentage of the coffee coming into the U.S. comes thru New Orleans, but I have trouble finding a decent cup much less a good macchiato or cappuccino. I like the cold brewed coffee from PJ's and the cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde is good, but I'd love some recs for good drip and good 'pulls'. The only decent espresso I've found is at Fair Grinds (2 out of the 3 times at least).

Where's the best espresso in town?

Are there any restaurants or bakeries in town harboring good baristas?

Also, does anyone know a good warehouse / outlet to buy beans?