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Five Guys Burgers - Coming to Montreal !

Look 3 posts up.

Favorite Quebec made cheese

What is your favorite cheese made in Quebec and where can you buy them? I ask this because I am in love with the local cheeses since moving here.

Construction holiday closings

Charcuterie Wayne in the Point is closed.

New Mexican restaurants.

Correction: I passed by the door after work last night and noticed that they are closed all weekend. I guess that it makes sense. Most of their business would be lunch business from the old Northern Electric building.

New Mexican restaurants.

Cafe Cantina Taqueria at the corner of Centre and Shearer in Point St Charles. The owner is from France and runs it with his wife from Quebec City. Great tex-mex food as made by mexican americans as opposed to the usual slock. He own a taqueria in France before. Monday through Saturday until five or so. The sign says it closes at 6pm, but I've never seen it open after 5:15.

Restaurant Openings - 2010

Its called Cafe Cantina Taqueria and they are open on Saturday, but not Sunday according to the sign. Remember they seem to close about 5 pm.

Restaurant Openings - 2010

At the corner of Centre and Shearer in Point St Charles a taqueria opened just before July first. It is owned by a very nice guy from france and his wife from Quebec City. He owned a taqueria in France.
Very good food and reasonable prices for what you get. That is large portions. The meat burrito was $8.95, but it was definitely a two hander. They also make fresh juices.
The only problem is that they show that they are open to 6pm on their sign, but they seem to close anywhere at around 4:45 to 5 pm every day.

Restaurant Openings - 2010

Same franchisee from before when it was Le Bifteque. Just a name change with some menu additions.