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Restaurant advice in San Antonio..

Chinese - try Phoenix Chinese Cafe off of West Ave. The location is meh but the food is great. My fiance and I will drive from Boerne just to go there when we're craving good duck.

Steak house - stick to a chain in my opinion... there aren't any great local ones that I've been to. I could be wrong.

Italian - for pizza Napoletana go to Dough Pizzeria Napoletana off of 410 and Blanco (there's a Denny's by it). I lived in Naples for a year and I will personally vouch for their pizza Margherita... it tastes like it came out of the brick oven in Naples. They have daily burrata specials and their in-house handmade mozzarella is to die for. For pasta dishes I'd say try Paesano's.

Breakfast - I'd have to say Magnolia Cafe if you're looking for a traditional pancakes, waffles, eggs Benedict sort of breakfast. It's usually pretty busy but it's always been worth the wait in my opinion.

I hope those help!

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana
6989 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216

Blanco Cafe
5525 Blanco At Oblate Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201

Phoenix Chinese Cafe
11821 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216

Paesanos Restaurant
555 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209

Nov 12, 2010
liz.eats10 in Texas

Best Burger in San Antonio?

Chesters for a big juicy burger with some great beer and fresh, fresh fries.

Longhorn Cafe on Blanco Road (near 1604) for an awesomely greasy burger with handcut and very fresh fries an onion rings that are not to be missed. The outdoor seating in the courtyard is great on a cool day. m

Blanco Cafe
5525 Blanco At Oblate Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201

Nov 12, 2010
liz.eats10 in Texas

Best Hawaiian Local Kine Grindz in Portland???

I grew up in Hawai'i, I haven't had the food in over 3 years. I'm moving from Texas (ick) to Portland.

I saw that there are nearly 30 "Hawaiian" restaurants in Portland and I'd love an honest review of the best broke da' mouf grindz... please!

Sep 24, 2010
liz.eats10 in Metro Portland

Osso Bucco in San Antonio?

There once was a glorious place called Reggiano's in North San Antonio. Sadly, it closed and now I don't know where to find some amazing osso bucco for my boyfriend.

Any ideas on where one could find some delicious osso bucco? Price isn't a factor, nor is location really... I'd be more than willing to drive to Austin for it.


Jul 29, 2010
liz.eats10 in Texas

Moving to Denver soon... Sushi?

My fiancé and I are moving to Denver in a few months and we were wondering if anyone knows of a really, really, really good sushi place. I grew up in Hawai'i and know a thing or two about sushi and Japanese food (well, really any Asian cuisine, I'm pretty picky). There is like this underground battle in San Antonio over whose favorite sushi place is the best and I've got mine. Sushi Zushi.

I don't care if it's a hole in the wall, I don't care if there are 2 or 3 of them in Colorado (some of my friends think that because Sushi Zushi has like 3 locations in Texas that they're a "chain" *eye rolling*), I don't care if it's expensive or cheap or whatever. I just want fresh fish, properly prepared sushi rice and a good selection of sakes and Japanese beer.

If there are any sushi aficionado's out there, or up there in Denver speak up!


Jul 14, 2010
liz.eats10 in Mountain States

A perfect meal

I had my engagement dinner there and even for a party of 12, service was amazing and the food was exceptional. I had the flourless cake and I've never had a flourless cake that good. Usually I find them too heavy and rich.

Jul 14, 2010
liz.eats10 in Hawaii

Very disappointed.

So friends that are local to Boerne have always suggested going to Dodging Duck for their micro-brew and "great food".

It's definitely a family place with a kitschy, country atmosphere. It is in Boerne after all. The wait staff was very young which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Their menu says that everything is made from scratch, to order, so forgive them if it takes a while. I can accept that. I'm a huge fan of fresh, from-scratch cooking. That's how my mother cooked my entire life. It's what I'm comfortable with.

Here's what I'm NOT comfortable with: waiting almost an hour for a burger and a pretzel with sausage.

My boyfriend and I had been strolling Main St. all afternoon and wanted a beer and a snack. Yes, a burger is a snack for my boyfriend. Anyway, I ordered a dark brew that was cold and smooth and delicious. I don't even like dark beer but this was amazing. My boyfriend got their IPA and said it was, "ok."

We ordered quickly because the place was packed (Sunday afternoon...duh) and we spotted an 8 top being seated in front of us. We sipped our beer and checked the time, it had been 30 minutes and no sign of our server with the exception of when she breezed past us once with dirty plates. A male server stopped by and asked if we had ordered or if we were just enjoying some beer. 45 minutes goes by and our server finally stops and grimaces, "Your food will be out soon." I've been a server and currently my boyfriend is a professional server risen from the dregs of chain restaurants to a nationally renowned fine dining restaurant and the thing that bugged us even more, we never received an, "I'm sorry your food took so long," followed by a lame excuse that the kitchen was backed up... or something.

Our food was brought out and what we received were soggy, over-cooked french fries that were brown and bitter, a burger (ordered medium rare) that was so overcooked it was falling apart on top of a soggy bottom bun. My pretzel was good, definitely not fresh, but warm and... satisfactory; the sausage that the menu said it came with looked like half of a small link of sausage cut up for me and heated through. I'm sorry but I don't need my food cut up for me. It was also accompanied by some sad, bland sauerkraut.

The beer was good. The wait was horrendous (every table around us received food before we did, including the 8 top) and the experience was topped off with food that was mediocre at best.

We'll return to buy a growler of beer but we will never eat there again.

That was more of a rant than a review... but it was the most disappointing hyped-up meal I've had in the Hill Country.

Dodging Duck Brewhaus
402 River Rd, Boerne, TX 78006

Jul 13, 2010
liz.eats10 in Texas

what is the best italian food in san antonio? or what are the better ones?

To begin, I lived in Naples, Italy for a year. I am probably the most picky Italian food eater in San Antonio.

If you want fresh, handmade mozzarella di buffala, sweet and juicy organic tomatoes, handmade pizza dough with the proper yeast and ingredients used along with a pretty impressive array of anitpasti... you need to go to DOUGH.

It's off of Blanco and 410. The location is strange (it's across from a Denny's LOL) but the food is absolutely the most authentic Napoli style food I've had since I left the Mediterranean.

They also have an Italian ONLY wine list which I absolutely love. If you know what types of French or California wine you enjoy, tell the staff and they can suggest an Italian equivalent. I was pretty impressed with my server's wine knowledge.

This could go on forever... but it's my favorite Italian place in San Antonio. They don't do pepperoni, don't even ask. They don't have big fat spaghetti and egg-y meatballs with under-seasoned tomato sauce like most places in San Antonio claiming to be Italian... they are just true, authentic Italian cuisine. They are even accredited by the Italian government to be authentic Napoli style food. Only 28 restaurants in the United States have that.

Ok, so... try it! Enjoy and I'd love to read how your experience was. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Jul 13, 2010
liz.eats10 in Texas