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What are your criteria for adding a cookbook to your collection?

Most of my books are sort of specialty books; cooking for two, Slow cooker , Pressure cooker, grilling, canning, Mexican, Italian, Entertaining, and of course some general cookbooks; BHG, ATK's Family Cookbook, Silver Palate, Mark Bittman. Current favorite and has been for some time is Dorie Greenspans "Around My French Table." I keep finding such good recipes in it!

I usually read recommendations here or on A woman I know has a blog called "Kate Cooks the Books," and she actually goes through and makes recipes from the books and reports on them, and gives recommendations. I've gotten books because she likes them.

If you don't have room for the books, get a Kindle! The books are usually cheaper, and you can keep it with you, so if you are in the store, you can look and the recipe and get what you need!

Slow Cooker woes

I'm going to disagree a bit. The kind of slow cooker you are using makes a huge difference. I went from a Rival to a Ham Beach and a small Cuisinart, and I have no problems now. A Rival cooks way too hot, and was actually burning stuff. Different slow cookers have different temperatures. For the Cuisinart which has 4 temps (and is programmable) High is 212, Low is 200, Simmer 185, Warm is 165. The HB has a temp probe, and is a godsend. I know when food is cooked to temp, and then it shifts to warm.

I agree with the Slow Cooker Revolution recommendation, but also The Gourmet Slow Cooker, Vols. I and Lynn Alley. Michele Sciiclone has two really good ones; The Italian Slow Cooker, and the French Slow Cooker. I use my s/c a lot, and turn out great meals in them, including dessert.

Travelers Checks

If you have AAA, you can "buy" a Visa card. Don't remember the cost, but it wasn't much, and you can reload it up to $10,000.

Cash only for gratuity!!

We nearly always leave a tip in cash; my son worked at a winery restaurant in the Finger Lakes, and if the cheap shits didn't want to give him his tips, they wouldn't. So, we just line out the tip line on the credit card bill, and pay the total. Then we leave ca$h for the server.

Should there be a cash-only line at the supermarket?

Yes. Agreed.

Restaurant Dinner Party - Uninvited Guest

This is exactly correct. All of it. I will add that people should get over being ten years old, and the "can I bring a friend" mentality. Your cousin, your problem. Putting anyone on the spot is rude.

Say what?? Cooking comments that baffle you

I just read this on ATK's Facebook page, called a "Bridgetism:' " The most dangerous thing in a kitchen isn't a sharp knife, it;s a dull one."

Did Your Mom Repeatedly Cook a Dish You Despised?

Would this be creamed tuna on toast. I hated it on Fridays, but now, I make it everyonce in a while as an emergency dinner, and the troops love it.

The odd cravings and dislikes of a pregnant woman [Moved from General Topics board]

I craved Anheim chilis - you could only get canned ones then, and I ate them on eggs. After a while, I was eating them out of the can! And tuna sandwiches. I had to have one everyday for lunch.

What to do with too dry cake?

I would cut into cubes, lightly toast it, and cover it with chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

Would you move?

Thank you. And I would not ask you to change your seat.

How to roast a 9 pound sirloin roast?

Carolyn, Do you have a good basic cookbook? Many of us started with Better Homes and Gardens (the red wand white plaid one) and Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" might help you, as well.

Favorite Pressure Cooker recipes

I agree with Lorna Sass! Love her books. Also, Miss Vickies is a good general cookbook with good p/c tables in it. I have subscribed to this blog and gotten some great recipes from it:

Don't be put off by the "horror stories" about pc's; they are made of much better metal, and they don't blow up. LOL

They only way I can get a great corned beef is to p/c it in the cooker with Guiness. Tender and delicious. I use mine at least once a week. Have a great recipe for farro for the p/c

Would you move?

I will not move. For anyone. I don't care if you have "'four people coming" I won't move. I get to the theater early so I can sit where I want to sit. Don't stroll in late, tell me you have ten friends who aren't here yet, and I should move. THIS IS NOT MY PROBLEM. I won't move in a fast foo joint, and I won't move on a plane or a train. I was here first. Coming afterward has nothing to do with me. They can all stand around holding their body parts, but I'm here. and intend to stay here. I would NEVER ask anyone to move to accomodate me and my friends.

Please feel free to be a crazy old get-off-my-lawn lady. I am one, too. And oh, yeah, "these seats are saved" has no meaning for me. One seat yes, but a whole row? Go schmuck yourself.

Slow cookers: What do you think

Get some good slow cooker cook books: The Gourmet Slow Cooker/Alley; Slow Cooker Revolution/ATK; The French Slow Cooker and/or The Italian Slow Cooker/Sciccolione. Cook's Country Magazine always has a slow cooker recipe or two, and they are usually good. And yes, if you want something good to eat, there will be some prep work. Open and dump recipes are rarely good. I just made a chocolate cake in my 3 1/2 qt. Took longer than it said, but it was quite good.

New 'Menu Items That Need to Be Retired", 2012 edition...

I so agree. I hate seeing some stupid fou fou drink passed off as a martini!!!!

COOKBOOKS 50% OFF!!!!! is having of 50% off of all of their cookbooks.

Help a girl out. Go buy lots, post on any boards you are on, email your friends, etc., so that I can keep my promise to Honey that I WON'T BUY ANYMORE COOKBOOKS. (Yeah right, but at least not right now.) Think of it as removing temptation.


Do you have to pay for wedding caterers' tastings?

Oops. You're right!

For those who have to teach themselves to cook

I'm a huge fan of America's Test Kitchen. I learned so much from them - well- Kenji Alt now with Serious Eats. It's about technique and the science of cooking, and why certain things happen while cooking. I never brined chicken before, and couldn't figure out why it was dry. I always thought my mother was a good cook, but really, she wasn't. Not terrible, just pedestrian and unimaginative. Used a lot of soup. Etc.

Ways to refuse univited guests

She gets it, alright. She gets that if she invites people, you will cook for them. If you said, no, you invited them YOU cook, I suspect it would change.

I had a friend - well, acquaintance, actually - who was in our social circle, and when she was invited, she always dragged along her mother. I'd had it, and quit inviting her, after the second or third time. I didn't know the woman all that well, and I didn't know or like her mother. After awhile, the rest of the gang quit inviting her as well, One day, out of the blue, she called and wanted to know why she was being excluded. So, I told her it was rude of her to bring her uninvited mother (I didn't care if it hurt her feelings or not.) She was flabbergasted; she thought 'everyone understood that inviting her included her mother.' Uhhhh, no. You are NOT the hostess, you don't decide who comes to my house. I didn't hear from her after that.

BJ's Wholesale Club expanding

The BJ's in Ithaca is next to Target at the Mall. Nice big, clean store. Lots of people like me who were driving to Auburn or Geneva were there the first week. BJ's is fab because they take coupons; if there are three things in a package that each have a barcode, they will take coupons for each thing. Love Bj's! Been there twice already.

Do you ever weed out cookbooks and, if so, what do you do with them?

I just went through mine, and culled a bit, but more reorganization than toss. I just signed up for Eat Your Books, and wanted to make sure I got all of my books on "my bookshelf," which nearly all of mine are. I donate ones I don't want out to our library's book sale, although the women's shelter is a good idea. Last year, they made about $12K from our donations! A lot of my books are appliance cookbooks; pressure cooker or slow cooker books, ethnic c/bs, a few 'classics'e.g., Julia, or ATK's books, and cooking for two. DS is getting married, so I'll let his fiancee go through them first to see if there's any she wants

Paula Deen Isn’t the Only Shill

Gordon Ramsay is hawking cars.....

Prime Rib Roast Successes and Disasters....

This is Kenji Alt's method, which I adhere to: FWIW, Kenji went ot MIT, and does the "sciency" stuff about cooking.

Unexpected guests at a dinner party?

Just now saw this thread. Glad it sort of worked out for you, Freia, but for future: No matter what someone says, you answer for them: "I'm sorry you won't be joining us - next time." Nevery let them control the conversation. And NEVER answer the door before the appointed time. They can drive around. I am firm about this; it is too disruptive
If the drag the kids anyway, I've had to say endlessly, "please, mind the kids" until it wore the parents out and they left.

I want to love my slow cooker, can you help?

It depends on the BRAND of slow cooker. I have a HamBeach with a temp probe, and a 3 1/2 quart Cuisinart both are programmable. When they reach temperature or time, they go to warm. If you dont have a programmable, get a digital timer from the hardware store, and plug your S/C into it, making sure it's on "on."

Recommend "Slow Cooker Revolution" and "The Gourmet Slow Cooker" Lynn Alley, and "The Italian Slow Cooker" Michele Scicolone. She has a new one "The French Slow Cooker."

Use a liner - saves on cleanup. If you want anything good to eat though, you will have to do some prep work. Open an dump recipes aren't so good.

Is there a good crock pot cook book?

Yes. America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook has terrific slow cooker recipes, as does The Gourmet Slow Cooker, by Lynn Alley. I also like The Italian Slow Cooker by Michelle Sciolone; I have pre-ordered The French Slow Cooker which she has coming out. I use a s/c a lot, but I don't like "open and dump" recipes. Everything I have made out of these books is delicious. These books are all available f from Amazon.

Vegetarian Christmas

Check this out: (even I could be tempted)

Wegman's announces a Newton location

Wegman's is "just a grocery store" the same way the Vatican is just another church. I have been shopping at Wegman's in Upstate NY for 25+ years. It's more than it's many departments. I can find Vegemite, lemon curd, sun dried tomato paste, prime meats, a lot of things most stores don't carry, plus, their prices are better than Wallbarf, and their quality is so much better than anyone elses.

Your favorite cooking magazine ranked.

Have subscriptions to Cook's Country, Cuisine at Home, and Bon Appetite, and online subscription to CI. ATK/CI/CC's recipes involve more of the science of cooking and that is why they make so many versions to find the best one.

Re: The ATK books; when you order, there is fine print that you agree to essentially sign up for a book club, and that they will send you a postcard (supposedly) for you to return if you do not want the book. I order their books, but from Amazon. They are usually cheaper that way, and I don't get stuck in a book club.