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What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? September 2014 edition! [old]

it is worth it......the ramen in this cookbook is well worth the effort (and it is an effort).

it's a funky times you wonder how it will all come together.....but I promise you that it does

(if you don't live in new york, san francisco, L.A. or somewhere else that has some legit Japanese markets, definitely take advantage of the mail-order don't need every single item on the ingredient list to make good ramen.....but you do need the majority,,,,,and some items just don't have a reasonable substitute)

Nov 08, 2014
misterf in Home Cooking

preparing frozen dumplings from Tianjin Dumpling House (Flushing, Queens) at home

I just returned from my first visit to Flushing,,,,,had some great food....including the Lamb and Green Squash dumplings at Tianjin Dumpling House in the basement food court in Golden Mall.

They were so good, in fact, that I bought a bag of the frozen Lamb/Green Squash dumplings to share with the rest of the family.

The only problem is I don't know the best way to prepare them.

Should I steam them or boil them?
Should I thaw them or cook them while frozen?

My instinct is to partially thaw and then boil these dumplings, but I am hope somebody with more experience can help me out...


Feb 07, 2014
misterf in Home Cooking

Top Five L.A. Sandwiches?

Pork Belly Banh Mi - Mendocino Farms
Porchetta Sandwich w/ Fried Egg - Prochetta Truck
Caprese Sandwich, add Parma Prosciutto - Bay Cities Deli
Dungeness Crab Roll - Lobsta Truck
Lamb Dip, double dipped, w/ swiss - Philippe the Original

Feb 20, 2013
misterf in Los Angeles Area

Question from San Francisco 'hound

This is exactly the same way I use Yelp...

Yelp can be effective in weeding out the places that stink.....but it is impossible to determine if a place is merely average....or great....or anywhere in between....on Yelp.

Good to know that when traveling I should take the same approach to TripAdvisor when it comes to restaurants.

Mottainai Ramen: has it gone down hill?

Thanks all.....

.....sounds like I may have come across some bum info....

.....looks like I need to make a trek down to Gardena

Jun 25, 2012
misterf in Los Angeles Area

Mottainai Ramen: has it gone down hill?

I've heard great things about Mottainai Ramen in Gardena and I have been planning to give it a try.

But just recently I have been hearing that the menu has changed and that the quality has gone way down. I also see that their website ( is down.

Has anybody been there in the last month or so who can confirm (or deny) a severe drop in quality at Mottainai?


just for the record:

my favorite Ramen joints are Tsujita (for both tsukemen AND tonkotsu) and Santouka

I have recently tried Yamadaya (Westwood) and Ramen Jinya (Sawtelle).....both were solid, but neither were quite up to the standard of Tsujita or Santouka

Jun 20, 2012
misterf in Los Angeles Area

Looking For Restaurant With Great Bone Marrow / Marrow-Based Dish

If you are looking for something a bit more casual:

the Fathers Office in Culver City (which has more food options than the Santa Monica location) has roasted bone marrow on the menu. It's served simply with toast, a little sea salt and some cilantro/shallots/capers

I don't recall the price, but it isn't unreasonable.

May 15, 2012
misterf in Los Angeles Area

Where to get my crab fix this Thanksgiving weekend?

Thanks for all the tips so far.....I'm getting hungry already!

Where to get my crab fix this Thanksgiving weekend?

As a native San Franciscan who has been exiled to New York for the past 20+ years, one of the things I miss most is the Dungeness Crab! I still visit San Francisco fo the holidays every year...and I make sure to get my fill of crab whenever I am in town.

In the past, this has almost always consisted of making a run to the harbor in Half Moon Bay (or the Asian markets in Daly City) to buy several live crab and cooking up a homestyle crab-feed with plenty drawn butter, sourdough and wine...or making a kick-butt crab and shrimp gumbo.

Unfortuantely, this year I will be staying at a I wont have access to a kitchen....and none of the relatives are able to host a crab-feed while I am in town. Which means I will have to get my fix at a restaurant this year. However, despite being born in San Francisco, I am completely ignorant of where to get good crab (at a fair price) at a restaurant.

So, please help me find the right restaurant to get my fill of wonderful Dungeness Crab while I am in town next week. I am not too picky re: style.....anything from straight foward steamed the various asian styles (none of which I have tried) whatever styles I don't even know long it it tastes excelent.


p.s. I know good crab at a restaurant isn't cheap....but my budget isn't unlimited,,,,,I certainly want to try to keep the meal for an appetizer, crab, side dish (if crab is a la carte) and cocktails/wine below $100pp. So it would be very helpful if you could give me a ball park idea of what a whole crab will cost at each reccomendation........thanks again!!!!

The San Franciscan
1525 North Main St., Walnut Creek, CA 94596

the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

Caprese sandwich....add Parma Bay Cities.

There has been a lot of love given to the Godmother. And it is well deserved. It's a very good sandwich. But, it seems like everybody is missing out on the real fem at Bay Cties. Next time you go to Bay Cities, try the Capres sandwich and have them add parma prosciutto.

Jul 12, 2010
misterf in Los Angeles Area