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Best sushi in Orlando?

You would rather eat sushi at a Hotel? instead of s Sushi Restaurant, you don't know anything about True Sushi then, you might as well go to Publix to get your sushi fix

Jul 12, 2010
mikeReach in Florida

Coming to Orlando - 2010

So you lived in Miami, Gainesville and Orlando and DragonFly in Orlandos is the best Sushi you ever had? Really? Nobu Miami Beach is by FAR the best Sushi you could have had at anyone of those 3 cities and Dragonfly does not even hold a candle to Nobu. Sure for a College Town where Sushi is limited to begin with it's alright, but no way better than Nobu in South Beach and Amura in Orlando is way heads above College Town Sushi

South Beach
777 Gulf Blvd, Boca Grande, FL 33921

Jul 12, 2010
mikeReach in Florida