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Little Joe's at 5th and Mission or Howard?

Yeah, it was a Thai place for about 15 minutes. Its been a dead corner for a long time and I can't imagine with all the competition in the Westfield mall it will ever do much unless the food is a draw.

I'm excited myself about the museum in the Mint, the Mint Plaza and all the new eats going in on that block! Its great to see the gentrification working its way slowly down Market Street.

Visiting from L.A. w/ Kids for 5 days

I would highly recommend Chow at Church and Market as a great spot to take kids. The food is affordable, fresh and quick, the atmosphere is fun and its really consistently good.

Little Joe's at 5th and Mission or Howard?

Yes, indeed. Little Joe's, formerly of North Beach and an unsuccessful run on Van Ness has moved into the Pickwick hotel across from the Chronicle Building at 5th and Mission. Haven't tried it yet myself though.

Whole Foods Coming to Noe Valley???

I just noticed on Whole Foods' website that they have now added a Whole Foods in Noe Valley as a "store in development" along with the Potrero and Haight location. Not that I'm a Noe Valley resident, but with Real Foods spinning their wheels for four years now, it seems that Whole Foods would be a valuable upgrade from what the neighborhood currently has.

They have it listed at just under 17,000 square feet, which would easily make it one of the smallest of the Whole Foods stores nationally. Deduction has led me to believe they would be taking over the spot currently occupied by the crusty, old (and last remaining) Bell Market.

Again, I'm not sure how this will sit with Fresh Organics' plans for Real Foods on 24th Street.