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New Mexican Restaurant in Hartsdale

My boyfriend and i went to check this place out sunday night and it was mobbed so we asked for a take out menu and they told us they were too busy to do take out... Nevertheless, we went back Monday for lunch and we both feel our experience was a 4 out of 10. We had such high expectations and maybe that had something to do with our experience not living up, but still....

Cons: the chips are/were hard, and being that the chips are a signature dish they should be awesome! it's not that they were old - they just were not good. The guacamole wasn’t made well either (made at our table – so there is potential to fix this), too much lime and it didn’t seem like the waiter knew how to make it - he asked us a lot of questions. The kitchen floor was pretty dirty and if you sit at the front of the restaurant you can see right into the kitchen, if you’re going to have an open kitchen you’re going to have to keep the floor clean.

Pros: the ambiance is cool and once they obtain their liquor license should def be a good place to grab a drink, and all of the issues or things we did not like can be easily fixed, so there is room for improvement and to win us back over.

We will give it a second chance.