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M&M's by color

Yep, the Palo Alto Diddams carries lots of different M&M colors in bulk also. I'd reckon it's a chain-wide trend. I saw them a few weeks ago and remembered thinking it was pretty neat, I'd never seen anything like that before.

Looking for a good special occasion spot on the Peninsula.

Thanks Sandra, I'll check out Bentley's. I'm familiar with Chez TJ and am interested in eating there sometime, but it's a little too fancy for what I'm looking for. I'd go there with a girlfriend or my mom, someone who would appreciate the small plates and trendy presentation (e.g., foam). But that's the type of stuff my guy would stare at with a raised brow. :)

Looking for a good special occasion spot on the Peninsula.

I've been brainstorming for about two weeks now, trying to come up with a good spot for an anniversary dinner. I love fine dining, he'll eat pretty much anything. It can't be TOO expensive. I'd really prefer someplace where we won't see people in shorts and sandals.

To give an idea of the type of places I'm looking for, I was originally considering Sushi Tomo in Mountain View, because the food is excellent. It's a little too casual though, and we eat sushi all the time. Next up on the list was Sundance Steakhouse, but for some reason we're feeling like two bellies stuffed full of beef won't make for the type of evening we're going for.

He is a huge fan of creole and cajun food. Loves New Orleans. Can anyone tell me about CreoLa's atmosphere? Is it really casual? Do people dress up even a little bit? This is going to be on a Saturday night.

I'm open to other suggestions as well. This needs to be between Sunnyvale and San Carlos. It should be noted that I'm pretty tired of every downtown Palo Alto restaurant.


Happy hour & food near the Fillmore?

Sorry! I did not mean free, I meant reduced price food & drinks type happy hour. Or just generally cheap :)

God, I haven't been anyplace that actually offered anything free (except goldfish) in ages.

Thanks, I'll look all those up!

Happy hour & food near the Fillmore?

Some friends and I are going to a show tomorrow night and were hoping to find some good, inexpensive drinks and dinner within walking distance. We're fine with pub food, as long as it won't make us wonder where the bathroom is halfway through the show.


Reviews for Palo Alto's Dine Downtown prix fixe menus?

Does anyone know the pricing and details (how many courses) for Lavanda? I asked the hostess to fax me the prix fixe menu, but she is taking her time and I'm anxious to make my plans!

Italian restaurant in Mountain View

Pasta? is decent and cheap. It would fit the bill if Don Giovanni's is too expensive, but I'm not sure you could get a reservation for 40 adults + kids.

Room with a sense of privacy on the Peninsula?

You can reserve the back patio at Tied House brewery in Mountain View, and NOLA in Palo Alto has at least two pretty nice private rooms. Both should fit your American bill.

Student Eats by Stanford

You can try the 750 Pub which is ON campus. Fairly cheap, ok food and you can't really beat the location.

Pasta? on University Avenue used to be a popular pick for inexpensive casual-yet-nice dining, but they are raising their prices steadily.

If you want some decent, cheap sushi, try Sushi Tomo on University at the corner of Emerson. It'll get the job done.

I respectfully disagree with the recommendation of Cafe Borrone -- wildly overpriced.

For amazing, plentiful Jamaican fare check out Back-A-Yard on Willow just over 101. Not walkable but it's a whole mess of delicious food for under $10.

Where can I find the best Fresh Fish in RWC?

Drager's in Menlo Park, or Piazza's in Palo Alto (on Middlefield, just north of San Antonio road. Not too far of a trip down 101).

Palo Alto Hot Spots-What did I miss?

I would definitely avoid Three Season and iTapas. They are under the same ownership and I experienced similar problems at each restaurant. Sub-par service, mediocre food and overblown pricing. I've heard it's fantastic from other people, but if you are looking for a one-shot deal, I strongly recommend something with a consistent reputation for greatness, not a a track record for ups and downs.