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Buffalo for Springsteen concert April 13th

Hi all,

I'll be staying at the Hyatt Regency in Buffalo on the 13th. We're looking for a good place for wings/beef on weck type of food before the Springsteen concert near our hotel (2 Fountain Plaza). Any suggestions would be appreciated. We've tried Pearl Street, Pettibones, Irish Times..looking for something different.


Downtown Toronto patio for St. Patrick's Day

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Pretty much "downtown" I mean anything from Front to Bloor-ish along the subway line, and those all seem to fit right in.

Downtown Toronto patio for St. Patrick's Day

Hi all, I'm a new Toronto resident looking for a good downtown patio for St. Patrick's Day. I appreciate any suggestions! I can't seem to find many places with bigger patios.

Montreal for Alouettes game July 21-23

thanks for the tips everyone! much appreciated especially if anyone else has any other opinions

Montreal for Alouettes game July 21-23

I'm going to be coming into Montreal for the football game, staying for 2 nights (Wednesday the 21st and Thursday the 22nd leaving the next day around dinner time). Just looking for any suggestions for places to eat/pubs with patios. Will be staying at the Intercontinental, looking for more pub type places/sandwich shops. Schwartz's is definately on the menu but other then that open to any suggestions, not looking to spend too much money