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Craft Beer -- The Kingston edition!

Fair enough, but I still don't like their beer. I know Stone City Ales is opening downtown at some point this summer, but I'm unsure if that's an actual brew pub location or just a retail store. Oh wait, duh. It can't be a retail store.

Craft Beer -- The Kingston edition!

Me and mine are decamping from Quebec in less than two weeks to Kingston. I have been spoiled rotten by the many lovely beers this province has to offer (as well as the ability to buy them in deps).

Where in Kingston is good for delicious beer? There isn't a bad selection at the LCBO, but I'm more thinking a terrasse/microbrewery situation. The only we've tried when we went apartment-hunting was Kingston Brewing Company and I didn't really like it. Any gems out there in K-town?

Great local beers available in cans?

Also, if you know anyone that has celiac, Glutenberg also offers most of their beers in cans as well.

I have had the IPA one (in the name of tasting because I was curious). It wasn't bad at all, but there was a sweetness on the back end I found a little disconcerting.

Great local beers available in cans?

Another vote for Farnham's canned offerings. Very fond of the IPA and the Bitter!

Under-the-radar Food Magazines?

I really like the articles! They are informative, well-researched, and interesting. My beef was mostly about their erratic delivery schedule.

Honestly, I would love to renew my subscription but I don't have the money right now to do so. It was a lovely gift.

Under-the-radar Food Magazines?

I was gifted a subscription to The Art of Eating by husband two Christmases ago for one year and I am still receiving issues! Mostly because they claim to be quarterly but issues are incredibly erratic. It's a pity because it's a really good magazine.

The Edible Communities ones prop up for free in most places. I pick up the one for Vermont when I pop across the border and am looking forward to finding the Toronto edition when we move. I think it's fairly cheap to subscribe to it? I like how the theme for each magazine's city is super local. It's pretty cool!

Do you have a vegan or plant-based menu that you serve to omnivore guests? Just brainstorming...

I have to say I did not care for the Chow vegan lasagna recipe. It was super time intensive and the end result was meh.

Are any of you in favor of having a whole foods in Montreal?

Oh goody, this tired argument.

TL;DR: some would love it, some would hate it, but all would complain. Ta-dah!

Pilsbury frozen biscuit

Sadly, I believe you are SOL, my friend.

Pilsbury frozen biscuit

JINX! :)

Pilsbury frozen biscuit

No, I believe he means the Southern term for biscuit! And I am afraid I have never ever seen that particular Pillsbury's product at all in Quebec (it's ubiquitous back home in the South), but that is not surprising!

Aryana - Afghani restaurant in DDO

We ate there last spring (I think?) and I really liked it. There was the pumpkin dish, the bread, the rice, and some sort of zucchini or eggplant thing that was drizzled with herby yogurt. I'd go back.

Do you have a go-to vegan cookbook for "everyday" cooking?

My husband swears by How To Cook Everything Vegetarian also (obv using the vegan subs and recipes), as well as Julie Hassan's Vegan Diner.

I find myself using Chloe's Kitchen by Chloe Coscarelli a lot these days as well my well-thumbed copies of Vegan with a Vengeance and Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

Indian food for Christmas dinner. Your wine pairing/rec?

It's just my husband and I for the holidays so instead of doing a traditional Thanksgiving meal, we've decided to make a massive vegan Indian feast instead.

On the menu: vegetable biryani, saag aloo, chana masala, garlic naan, and either gulab jamun or halwa for dessert.

Cursory search indicates that for spicy Indian food (and it's gonna be spicy), a refreshing lager is your best bet and were it not the holidays, I'd be inclined to agree, but as it is the holidays, we'd like something a little classier.

We live in Quebec where really good wine is not hard to find and our budget is $30 max.

Help from the Hive Mind?

Dec 22, 2013
Peaches to Poutine in Wine

did any GREAT vegan cookbooks come out this year?

Isa Does It. Vegan Eats World. Pies & Tarts with Heart. Chloe's Great Desserts. Bake and Destroy. Nut Butter Universe.

French name for kale?

Chou frisee. At least that it is what it is called in French here in Quebec.

Nov 02, 2013
Peaches to Poutine in France

ISO of orange wines at SAQ

I picked up a couple of bottles as well, but am saving them for my birthday dinner in November.

Vegan vanilla wafer brands?

I'm thinking of myself banana pudding for my birthday this year but the Nabisco brand of vanilla wafers here in Canada contain milk. Are there any brands that don't I can look for?

Thanksgiving in Sherbrooke

They seem to be doing a Thankgiving brunch only. Here's the menu:

Thanksgiving in Sherbrooke

I'm with all the other posters here. I'm in Sherbrooke and no place I know of is offering any Thanksgiving meal riffs.

Your most likely bet is your nephew making friends with an Anglophone family in Lennoxville and getting invited to their dinner!

Jimmy Dean's Premium Hot Pork Sausage

Yeah, just make a day trip to the US to stock up. Ground sausage like back home is not something very common here.

(I've never seen Jimmy Dean's products in Costco, fyi.)

ISO of orange wines at SAQ

Piggybacking on my original question, are there any restaurants in Montreal that offer orange wines?

ISO of orange wines at SAQ

Lamentably, I cannot afford an entire case of orange wine.

ISO of orange wines at SAQ

When in London last week, my husband and I split a bottle of a lovely orange wine (a 2006 Barrabianca) at a wine bar. I've read about orange wines in Food & Wine and other magazines, so this was my first time trying one and I quite liked it.

Not entirely sure what/how to search for this on SAQ's website. Has anyone else had any experience with purchasing orange wines there? If so, a little help, SVP?

For the curious:

Vegan Lemon Bars?

I really love the one in Chloe Coscarelli's new Vegan Desserts recipe--it gets rave reviews across the board from family and friends and strangers--but it doesn't seem to be anywhere but in her book! (And at least 90% of her recipes, she gives you the g/f option.)


I think people are asking that because the originator, Dominique Ansel, actually did file a copyright on the name.

Biscoff/Speculoos spread

TBH, the TJ's Cookie Butter isn't exactly the same flavor as the original Biscoff/Speculoo's to me. It's not as gingery.

Duffins, muffles and townies

It's just low-hanging fruit. Irrelevant, really, as the majority of Canadians (as well in the UK) are also overweight, nay, obese as well.

Illustrated Montreal travelogue in the recent Saveur!

One of my favorite webcomics artists, Sarah Becan, was in town earlier this summer and illustrated she and her partner's trip! It's lovely!

Biscoff/Speculoos spread

I buy Biscoff in the US as the prices for it here in QC are ridiculous. I have yet to locate the infamous crunchy one, though.

(Also, count me in as someone who will sneak into the kitchen with nothing but a spoon in hand to eat it.)