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Mid-priced Japanese?

I love this place. Compared to any other AYCE place it has a sense of authenticity and they take more care in their food. The service can be at time hit or miss but is generally better than other places.

best Korean restaurant in Mississauga?

There are no good Korean restaurants in mississauga. Atleast nothing worth taking Korean's too.

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

Try Prince Sushi @ HWY10 and Courtney park near AMC. Its the best AYCE japanese in Mississauga.

mississauga....quick and tasty

Where exactly is this place? I cant find anything on Google, having tried different combinations of the name. The only place i know around Dundas and Dixie that does DIM SUM is Happy Jade.

Classic hot dog stand vendor in Mississauga?

I think that guy only work in the summer months. I think there's a city bylaw that prevents permanent hot dog stands in Mississuga streets thats why most of them are outside private properly (CT) or the owners take them home at the end of the day. I would expect someone smart enough to open a stand near Dunday/HWY 10 by now.

anyone know a good brazilian bbq place in TO?

When I was in Brazil early this year i learn that they primarily marinate meets with salt and lime. Squeezing some lime in salty Brazilian meets improves on the taste quite a bit.

I dont even want to try a Brazilian BBQ place here since my friend says there is no comparison.

Best poutine in Mississauga?

Henry's Fish and Chips Wolfdale/Dundas. They make the best poutine in mississaga.

New street food?

We need a dim-sum truck!

Japanese BY Japanese

OYSHI sushi
10-12 Weensquay W. unit 107
M5J 2R8
416-216 0709

Good fresh real japanease food by japanease people!!!
Its a small place but the food is really good.