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Nice Dinner for 30 in Marin?

What about the Lark Creek Inn? I had friends who had a second wedding reception there (the original wedding was a destination wedding).

My first time to SF - my Food itinerary, what do you think?

I think you could skip Zarzuela. It's fine, but there are better restaurants even a block away. If you want to stay in that area, Frascati is better and other chowhounds like Luella (I've never been) - also within a few blocks of Hyde and Union.

Sushi Ran is great - I agree with the other poster about making a day of it. The restaurant is only about a 10 minute walk from the Ferry.

I second Burma Superstar for a meal near the park.

Seeking Taco Truck for Event

A friend of ours hired the El Toyense (I'm probably butchering that) truck for a party at their house. They parked the truck in their driveway and guests ordered what they wanted throughout the night. It was very cool. One of the El Toyense (sp?) trucks is parked outside of Best Buy on Harrison Street in SF all the time.

Help on entertaining a difficult Boss to please in San Francisco

I happen to love Pauline's Pizza, but I think it's way to casual for a business dinner.

Betelnut Pejiu Wu

Just had to reply, even though 1 month too late. I have lived both in the UES and I grew up in Cow Hollow. I was only speaking in terms of demographics, as it is apples and oranges to try to compare the density (buildings, etc.) of NY with the lower scale of SF. I think of both the Marina and UES as the landing pad of post-collegiate sorority and fraternity transplants of both cities.

NYC chowhound in SF for a week

For business dinners - Myth, Town Hall, Boulevard (not as chic, but great great food), Ozumo, Slanted Door (a bit hard to hear, though).

New York CH heading to San Fran for honeymoon. Recommendations?

As a former LES'er, I would say that the Tenderloin is probably worse than any neighborhood you'd find in Manhattan in terms of sketchiness. That said, in the daytime, it's fine. At night, eh, it really depends. Certain stretches are worse than others (i.e., parts of Turk street). People forget that the Tenderloin also has a lot of immigrant families (vietnamese) that live in the neighborhood among the drug dealers and prostitutes (most of whom come out at night), so there is an OK element in the neighborhood. Just keep your wits about you.

As for food, we had a fabulous meal at Myth last week. I highly recommend Delfina which meets your criteria for fabulous food at a fabulous price. I'd agree with Frascati which someone else mentioned. Aziza is a chowhound favorite and we liked it too.

Echoing the burrito recs. We just took my husband's visiting aunt and uncle (westchester residents but Bronx natives) to have their first REAL burritos (Harry's/Benny's Burritos are a sorry try at a burrito - a burrito should not be eaten with a knife and fork!) and they loved it. You will not get them in NYC.


Betelnut Pejiu Wu

Delfina is great - just ate there on Sunday night. The Mission will be more your speed. I'm a former LES'er myself and feel like the Valencia Street corridor and the area around Delfina is as close as SF gets to the E. Village. Also, Lower Haight reminds me a bit of the LES, just for reference. Enjoy.

Town Hall - Recent Reviews

I was there a few weeks ago too and we had a great meal. I had the veal meatballs and the mushroom risotto, which were both very good. My mother-in-law had the squash blossoms appetizer and she's still talking about it to this day. Unfortunately, I don't remember what my hubby and father-in-law had, but they also really liked their meals.

Betelnut Pejiu Wu

Think Upper East Side....

Best Dim Sum In SF

Good Luck Dim Sum is on Clement b/n 8th and 9th. We go there when we want take out dim sum only (for a big group at home) because it is not really a sit down type of place. That would be my only caveat - you don't sit and pick from carts, you order from the front. Be prepared to wait in a long line on weekends.

What's Quince like?

I agree with the age observation. Despite the great meal we had, I felt like the environment was a bit stuffy and stiff. I grew up in pacific heights and it felt like I was eating dinner amongst all the socialite parents of the kids that went to my snobby private high school. That sounds horrible, but it was my impression.

Good brunch spot in SF?

Greens at Fort Mason or Ella's on the corner of Presidio and California. No reservations at Ella's, so go early or be prepared to wait a bit.

First time in San Fran


I just went to Piperade, upon recs from this board, and really liked it... Great food, very comfortable decor - modernish, without being "too cool for school" and the best part is that you could actually hear the people you were eating with. Very mixed crowd.

I like Aqua, but I like it even better on an expense account ;).

Good Vietnamese near the Lower Haight??

I live near the Lower Haight too and there aren't too many options right in the neighborhood. We usually head out to the inner sunset and go to Yummy Yummy on Irving (between 11th and 12th).


We were also there last night and really enjoyed ourselves. We arrived at 8pm for an 8:15 reservation (which, BTW, took setting my phone to redial for 10 minutes to get through when I had tried call at 2pm that same day) and were seated immediately. The place was packed! The crowd was very mixed, which I liked.

We ordered the flat bread pizza with ricotta, zucchini, and cured? ham and the runner beans with oregano, tomatoes to start. Both were good. I had the morrocan tagine and DH had the fish stew. The morrocan tagine had a much more complex set of flavors that the stew, however both were tasty. The tagine probably moreso. I normally never order the vegetarian option at any restaurant, but I was not disappointed.

We had a very good, but not over-the-top great meal here. And the value is very good. My Elderberry gimlet was only $7, where at other restaurants, the specialty drinks will run you upwards of $9 dollars and my DH's Hendrick's martini was only $8. For two apps, two entrees, and four cocktails, our bill was $87 with tax, but without tip. We also live in the neighborhood, so we're thrilled to have a restaurant like this within walking distance.

Best New York Style pizza that's not Arinell?

I think you might mean Little Star, which has deep dish as well as thin crust. As a former NYC resident, I thought their thin crust was pretty good. My DH, who is a native NY'er, liked it more than I did. Go figure. My favorite pizza in NY was Two Boots, which some would say isn't true NY pizza either. However, Pizza Orgasmica here in SF comes close, with a nice cornmeal crust. However, I still haven't found a pizza here to-date which rivals Totonnos or Grimaldi's.