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Restaurant recs needed on the coast North of San Francisco

My husband and I are driving from San Francisco to Seattle. We will be taking the 101 most of the way, but will cut over to the 1 (PCH) from Mendocino until it hooks back up with the 101. Any restaurant recs? We've been to Mendo before, but would love any new suggestions. Will do breakfast and dinner there. Anything else farther north would also be much appreciated. We love fresh, local, GOOD food! Thanks in advance!

Jul 10, 2010
vtjaime in California

Restaurant recs needed all along 101!!!

My husband and I are taking five days to travel from San Francisco to Seattle. We are taking 101 the whole way, with the exception of cutting over to the 1 at Mendocino for a while. We need recommendations for GOOD food. Don't need five star restaurants. We're mostly interested in good, local food. I am not into chains, and living in San Francisco, we are used to really yummy food! Any recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner are much appreciated! I have tried searching, but most of what I'm finding is either inland or really old posts. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Jul 10, 2010
vtjaime in Pacific Northwest