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Give the West Virginia Hot Dog its due

You are right about Fairmont being the origional maker of the pepperoni rolls. Started at the Fairmont bakery on the West side, I have not lived there in over 40 years, but when passing through or visiting there I always buy pepperoni rolls there to take home. The best hot dogs I have ever found were at the little hot dog stand at the end of the High Rise Bridge in Fairmont, The place has been there over 65 years and as far as I know is still there, Their chili mistard and onion hot dog is the very best and spicier than any I have ever found, Same recipe handed down from father to son to son. Two hot dogs and a cold beer (or other beverage) are memorable. Other stands in Fairmont and surrounding areas are very good but not like the hot dog stand on the end of the bridge.

Jul 09, 2010
Lamplighter in Mid-Atlantic