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BBQ on North Fork...which place??

bbq bills has a nice upper deck for a cold beer and view of the harbor, but the food is really quite bad. Everything tastes exactly the same, and the staff seams less than motivated. Farmers Bar is funky and cassual, but the food is not bad for bbq north of the mason dixon line. I was really impressed with the sweet potato fries untill the bartender told me that was the only thing on the menu not made in house. Frozen and available from some company on line. Still had a nice time, but would only go if had the bbq jones.

top five musts near back bay

Thanks to everyone for the recs, I feel armed to the teeth, and very informed. Ill go get a second mortgage, try them all and get back to you.

Aug 15, 2007
dAVID h in Greater Boston Area

F.O.O.D is a F I N D !!!!! (LONG-hamptons restaurant review)

For all you F.O.O.D. fans, and fans to be, the owners purchased a restaurant in the village of southampton, formerly George Martin about a year ago, its about 65 seats, so hopefully alot more people will get to experience one of the best places to eat in the Hamptons. There seems to be some issue with septic system, so who knows when they will be open. Untill then just dont try to dine on sat nites.

North Fork, LI recommendations needed

The Farmers Bar, on Depot rd in Southold is a great, funky bbque place with a fun bar and a great menu, a good place to order some take out and have a cold one while youre wating.

Been to Prime in Huntington?

I agree with most of the other replys, to the fact that the room and service outweigh the food when you consider the price. A great place for large parties, a bit much for a cozy dinner for 2

top five musts near back bay

My daughter just moved to Boston and is living in Back Bay, I will be visiting often, and would like to wow her with some great dining experiences.

thanks, Dave H

Aug 13, 2007
dAVID h in Greater Boston Area

Ungrateful Wretch

I agree that a polite thankyou would have been in order. But you should remember that its the journey, not the destination thats most important. So if you cooked just for the accolades, i"m afraid youve got the wrong recipe.

Aug 10, 2007
dAVID h in Features

Rules for Margarita Greatness

Like everything else in life, too much of anything is no good. This is especialy true with margaritas. Use fresh ingredients (no Rose's) and keep the sourmix to a minimum. Just enough to creat a nice head on the drink. Cointreau is a must instead of triple sec, if cost is not a big issue. CHEERS!

Aug 10, 2007
dAVID h in Features