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Are you JORDANIAN? Are you a GARDENER? Can you tell me what's in my ZA'ATAR?

Jordanian Zaatar is characterised by its aromatic mix of wild thyme, roasted sesame seed and the ground sour berries of the sumac tree.
Ingredients Include:
• Thyme
• Sumac
• Seasame Seeds
• Sea Salt
• Cumin
i buy it in Mississauga

Jul 08, 2010
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Olive oil from Jordan, Syria or Lebanon, where to find?

Town & Country Market Show border

3355 Hurontario St #8, Mississauga, ON, L5A 4E7

you will find some for the best Mid East organic olive oils

Town & Country Restaurant
231 Durnham S, Madoc, ON K0K, CA