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Alphonsos 2014

hey hounds,

Has anyone seen alphonsos yet in Little India? should be soon...?


Not sure why you expected more Charles. You've never liked a single thing Susur has ever done.

Where would you take a New York foodie for lunch on a Saturday in North York?

Charles, which Yang's is the one you talk about on this board? The one at Bayview and Weldrick?

"happy hour"/cinq à sept food specials

Bestellen has buck a shuck oysters every day from 6-7.

Chowhounds best 10 restaurants in GTA - 2013 voting

The Harbord Room
Yours Truly
Sushi Kaji
Enoteca Sociale
The Black Hoof
Momofuku Noodle Bar
Dr. Laffa

Fresh Rabbit?

You can get fresh and frozen rabbit at Fiesta Farms on Christie, between Dupont & Bloor.

Cloudberry Jam (Hjortron)

Forbes Wild Foods makes a lovely cloudberry compote -- I enjoy it on toast as a jam.

JaBistro- wow

Unfortunately, they were crushed last night. We had a reservation for 7:00 and arrived on time. The place was about half full when we arrived, but full by 8:00.

The kitchen and the servers were not up to a full house (which is why it's a soft opening). But the service was abysmal. We ordered by 7:15 (a lovely sake/ginger cocktail to start for me and an on-tap Sapporo for my date). Drank our drinks, had some sake (a selection of 6 or 8 sakes). Started getting looped because there was no food served before 8:15. Some tables were getting 5 or 6 dishes; some tables (like ours) got none. The server came by around 8:10 and asked if we received our starters (calamari and the duck salad) -- no. Then our sashimi arrived, simultaneous with both starters, and simultaneous with the torched sushi. All at once, it barely fit on the table. No apology, no attempt to hold anything back. No water, no asks if we wanted more drinks. The table beside us complaining re similar issues.

The sashimi was the standout dish by far: fresh, beautifully presented. The torched sushi was good but at least half of the "dressings" were far too sweet, killing the taste of the fish. The squid was inedible for being overcooked (it was battered and deep-fried - I think when they realized the dish hadn't been prepared, it was cooked on the fly and waaay overcooked. The batter was very dark brown).

$140 before tip, with one cocktail, one pint of beer, and one 10 oz carafe of sake. Fair prices for the quality.

I will return because the fish is stellar. But, off-hours, for sure. It's a very good thing they are not opening until December. A lot of kinks to work out.

Recent Marben, since the change of staff?

Four of us went last night, for the first time. Except for our server, almost everything about the experience was poor.

The hostess: we had a reservation for 7:00. Arrived at 7:00. She ignored us completely for 5 minutes while she giggled and hugged fellow staff member. Then we all hung up our own coats on the rack behind her while she berated other guests beside us for being 15 minutes late for their reso: "What time was your reservation for?....and what time is it now?"

We were seated at a terrible table -- really awkwardly shaped table for 4, near the door. Left for 10 minutes with menus but no hello, no drinks, nothing. After 10 minutes, we asked if there was a different table available. They would check. 10 more minutes of sitting there. Finally, a new table. With some leftover bits of congealed salad not cleared from the table.

Service was decent. Our server was so lovely.

The food was only okay -- bread and oil (the same combo of soya oil and baco noire vinagreitte being used at Richmond Station) was fine. Charcuterie board was uninspired but fine. Mushroom risotto was okay but with way way too much garlic; burger order mid-rare came mid-well, and was really small; striploin steak was fine.

Throughout, house music played loud and relentlessly.

Would not consider going back. There are just too many good restaurants in Toronto to give it a second thought (have had excellent meals lately at Bestellen, Delux, Chantecler, Edulis).


it's true!


I agree with you, millygirl -- we discovered it about a month back at Fiesta Farms. I've since also seen it at Hooked in Kensington. Saturday morning breakfast of bacon and toast!

Seeking recommendations for dinner in the Davenport & Ossington area

+1 Actinolite

Richmond Station - Yonge and Richmond

I read in Toronto Life that they plan to be open for lunch sometime later in year -- November, I think.

Momofuku Noodle Bar - weekday lunch

I went to the NYC Noodle Bar on a Sat @1 a few months back -- walked in and got a table no problem, no lineups.

ISO kabocha squash

Fiesta Farms has them.


Great news -- we also dined at Ko a couple years back and it was excellent. So looking forward to having them in the city.


Has anyone been to Shoto yet? There been a number of reviews of the noodle bar, but I don't see anything yet on Shoto....

(Looking forward to dining there tomorrow!)

momofuku toronto

Thanks c_snapper. You can also reserve a la carte at Daisho.

Frank's Kitchen

I had similar service issues to Cat123 (and wouldn't go back if you gave me a gift certificate). When my bf tried to post his observations (probably a year back), the moderator deleted his comments.

Looking for a high end restaurant to celebrate 40th birthday (adults only) in September

Agree with ES. It's not high-end (at all), but the food is v good, there's some decent wine choices, and it's really fun.

Via Allegro

Has anyone been in the last few months? Thoughts/

Some friends are staying out at the airport and we want to go out there to meet them for dinner. Mississauga or even Etobicoke is fine.

Not Chinese (The Grand) or sushi (Sushi Kaji).

Any suggestions?

Thanks hounds.

Frozen Dim Sum

The siu mail at Lai Wah Heen has a green pea. As you say, doesn't mean too much....

sushi kaji time?

Went last night.

It was as good as ever. Flounder, lobster, octopus, o-toro, fresh!

And there's all kinds of drinks, large and small so don't worry about that.

White Brick Kitchen (Bloor and Euclid), Anyone been?

Went yesterday and had the grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. It was very tasty as was the side salad. I felt $13 for a sandwich was a bit steep though.


Delux has $1 oysters on Tuesdays.

Looking for great food but not too noisy

Scaramouche, I agree -- the pasta bar might be a good choice since your mom is paying -- don't want to suggest anything too expensive, I'm guessing.

Amarone by the glass?

Mercatto has an Enomatic and they occasionally have some v good bottles "on tap".

Sanagan's Meat Locker expanding (taking over European Meats space)


Where to find yummy Ontario strawberries

There have been lots at Fiesta Farms over the past week.

Sam James Coffee Bar in the Financial District?!

Tomorrow, June 4. It'll be open at 7 a.m. Yay!