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Buzzfeed: If American Food Was Described Like Ethnic Food

Lulz, I'm guilty of saying a couple of lines like these. They forgot a popular one, though:

"I don't think this Iowan food is very authentic because I got a peek into the kitchen and I saw the chefs were Latino and not Iowan!"

What to serve with panes con pavo (El Salvadorian turkey sandwich)

I put this question to a friend and here is what she says:

"Good question, amiga! We always eat just that without any sides since it’s a complete meal in one. You’ve got your protein (pavo or pollo), the sandwich bread, then you pile on salsa and a bunch of veggies. When we have this no one wants to waste their appetite on anything else jajajaja

I’m not sure what other Salvadoran families do. If I had to take a wild guess some possibilities would be frijoles molidos, platanos fritos, arroz, yuca frita, escabeche, ensalada rusa – those are all common Salvadoran sides."

Dec 10, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

Chuy's Fairfax Tex Mex

I had a large bowl of tortilla soup at Chuy's Fairfax today. It was enjoyable. The chicken broth wasn't especially rich, but it wasn't totally flat either. I squeezed some lime juice and a drop of Tabasco sauce into it and it was good to go.

I shared a bowl of queso compuesto (a cheese dip) and it was very tasty. The tortilla chips were nice and thin, but very slightly greasy.

My friend had the chicka chicka boom boom enchiladas...chicken enchiladas smothered in a green chile-cheese sauce. It comes with rice and refried beans. (No lard in the beans.) I had a bite of this and it was very rich tasting.

We went at 3 pm to avoid any lunch or dinner crowd. It was still busy but we got a table straight away.

Good Fortune Supermarket at Eden Center

Oooh, thanks for letting us know it has opened.

Beginner Recipes Using Garam Masala

My mother in-law will be thrilled when I tell her you like her recipe.

Oct 30, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

Chuy's Fairfax Tex Mex

I haven't been to the Fairfax location, so I can't say.

Indian Curry Powder - Which brands are best?

Hmmm, now I want to try this.

Oct 29, 2014
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Chuy's Fairfax Tex Mex

Chuy's is from my hometown. It is well loved, classic Austin Tex-Mex. I actually don't think the food there is notably good, but if I say that at home, people will probably try to hurt me. I'm not really partial to Tex-Mex anyway, but Chuy's is much better than a lot of places where all you can taste is cheese and grease. So definitely check it out if you enjoy Tex-Mex.

It is a fun place to go as a group. It's the type of resto you would want to go for a group birthday dinner out where they will sing you "Happy Birthday," (making you wear a sombrero) and the food is much better than Olive Garden or whatever other chain restaurant where that sort of birthday ritual takes place. Also fun for families. The inside is kitschy and loud. And yes, even in Austin with multiple Chuy's in such a comparatively small town, there is a very, very long wait on weekends. Lunch hour tends to be packed during the week back home, too.

Build a marshmallow snowman party favors

Oh, that's a great idea. I didn't even know such a thing as edible marker existed.

Oct 25, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

Build a marshmallow snowman party favors

I want to pass out "build a snowman" party favors at my child's birthday.

I was planning to use possibly give mini chocolate chips for eyes and either an orange tic tac or a candy corn for the nose, but I fear these won't stick on well.

If eye give the construction materials away in a gift baggy, what should I use for the eyes/nose that can be stabbed into the marshmallow for the face so that an icing adhesive wouldn't be needed?

The body will be three marshmallows and a plastic coffee stirrer to skewer them in a stack.

The arms will be pretzel sticks.

I'm seeking suggestions for facial parts that can be stabbed in. I was thinking of giving out sticker back googlie eyes, though I would prefer that all parts besides the coffee stirrer be edible.

(I do not want to lead a build-a-snow-man activity using ready made cake icing as an adhesive. I'd prefer to send the kids home to do this activity.)

Oct 25, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

Good Chinese in NoVa

Go to Golden King in Sterling. Excellent Cantonese food. They have an extensive menu. Their roast duck is always fresh and delicious. My two favorite dishes there are lotus root seafood stir fry (I think on the chef's special part of the menu---it has a pinch of shredded conpoy in it which sets it over the top in goodness) and beancurd with two kinds of mushroom (in the veg section, they also put more than two kinds of mushroom, actually 3-4 depending on whose cooking, I guess). You can also order fresh dim sum there. Basically all Cantonese resto classics are there, so you have your pick.

Does anybody else miss chicken skin?

Caroline, if you are in Plano as your profile says, you need to get to El Regio stat.

This is gorgeous, flavorful rotisserie chix in a Monterrey, MX style marinade. You can get 1/4, 1/2, or full chix as a meal that comes with charro beans, corn tortillas, and rice, 1/2 a lime, a charred onion, plus the most delicious jalapeño salsa ever in the whole universe. Their salsa roja is also good. You may want to ask on your Dallas-Ft. Worth board about which El Regio (or El Pollo Loco, a competitor who split from El Regio) in your locale is the best, because they can sometimes vary slightly in taste (good to outrageously good, never bad). I recommend this so know the back of a rotisserie thigh covered in charred bits and a medley of spices, fat, and skin with a little meat...I eat the soft bones along with that, it's soooo good.

Googling tells me that Peruvian rotisserie chicken (pollo a la brasa) has also made its way to the north Dalllas metro area. Personally, I prefer El Regio with the Mexican flavor, but this somewhat similar and is also delicious. It is very popular on the East Coast where I live.

I also like HEB's mesquite flavor rotisserie chicken. Grocery store rotisserie chix is pretty much gross where I live now, so I appreciate the HEB one. The most tolerable one here is CostCo, but that doesn't come close to the tender, juicy HEB skin on chicken.

Also, try a Hong Kong style Chinese BBQ place...also many in your area. The kind with the duck and pig hanging around also have chicken.

About tandoori chicken...most US Indian restaurants are not specialists in tandoori cooking, it's just a menu staple and they put stuff on the menu that all comes out dreadful and dry. Well-made tandoori chix in a place that specializes in tandoori cooking is hard to find in the US but is gorgeous...tender from the marinade, and cooked with proper temperature and timing leaving it juicy and flavorful all the way down to the bone. You can achieve something similar grilling or even baking at home, but so many restaurants do tandoori chicken (and tandoori meats in general) very badly, leaving you with red food coloring saturated, overly charred, tough and dry results. To me, faux tandoori grilled or baked chicken done at home comes out wayyy better than most restaurants with their dry fare, so I recommend finding a very simple recipe and giving it a try at home...skinless bone-in thigh-leg works well, but you can do boneless chunks of thigh if that suits you.

Oct 17, 2014
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ISO Fluffy Moussaka Topping

That's interesting. Bechamel is used in Egyptian dishes and some Levantine dishes (including moussa'a which is moussaka in Arabic), and Knorr makes a Bechamel mix package for the Arab market. I have no problem with short cuts and prepackaged mixes, but I feel bechamel is so simple that I've never bothered.

What order is best for moussaka layers?

I used to make moussaka a lot a few years ago and it always came out well, but I haven't made it in a while and I can't remember exactly how I did it.

I know there is no hard rule here, but how do you prefer to arrange your moussaka layers, and what is the pragmatic benefit of your method?

Eggplant-meat sauce-potato-meat sauce-eggplant-bechamel?

Will the meat sauce show through the bechamel and make an ugly top if it is last? Or maybe the eggplant will show through? Would servings hold together better with a firm potato base? Should I put potatoes first?

Oct 15, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

ISO Fluffy Moussaka Topping

I plan on making moussaka on Friday. I used to make it a lot several years ago and I can remember how I made all of the other components, but I've had to google to get the ingredient proportions right for making the bechamel.

I found this recipe, which basically calls for (paraphrasing)

5T flour
4T butter
2 cups milk

and then it says as 1-3 egg yolks. To me 1 vs 3 is a huge difference when it comes to recipe measurements...should I use one or three (or two?!?!) and would would the resulting be based on the quantity of yolk?

Oct 15, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

Taxila, Pakistan - Chapli Kabab & Freshwater "Rohu" Carp from Shahzada Khan


Ground turkey for tacos and chili? Is it any good?

Brown the turkey very well for flavor. You should see golden color on it. Then proceed with the seasoning. Otherwise it just tastes like boiled rubbery lumps.

Oct 04, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

Traditional Indian food in DC/NoVa

I am guessing from the menu the owners are not from Chettinaad but instead Andhra Pradesh. I have not tried it or heard anything about it. I thought it would have turned into a generic faux Punjabi-Mughlai place by the name (Bawarchi means chef in Urdu) but now it makes my think they are using the name to evoke Hyderabad. (Capital of Andhra Pradesh, center of famous Urdu speaking community's dishes that have gone "pan-Indian") I saw they have goat paya (trotters) on the menu. If they are really making that Hyderabadi style, it sounds promising. There is a lot of fake Hydro food sold in Andhra owned restos around NoVa, though.

Traditional Indian food in DC/NoVa

Rasika is definitely not traditional home food.

What part of India is your family from, Oddballer? I'd imagine it would be in a regional Indian resto that you would find the food you are looking for.

Sona masoori rice preparation

I experimented and got lucky on the first time preparing this rice. I used my rice cooker. I washed but didn't soak. 1 cup rice: 1.5 cups water. Cooked perfectly. I was so afraid it would either be stiff and dry, or turn to mush.

Sep 29, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

Sona masoori rice preparation

How do you cook this rice? I presume rinse. Then soak or no soak? If it needs to soak, how long? What is the best cooking method for this particular rice? I generally prefer closed-lid pot on the stove top. If that is the best way, for how many minutes should I cook it covered on low simmer? What rice:water ratio?

Sep 28, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

Thai chili oil/prik nam man

Can you recommend a brand of this that you like?

I presume this is just coarsely pounded/ground dried red chile steeped in its frying oil? Or is this actually another way to label nam prik pao, which is sort of the same thing but also has other seasonings in it?

Sep 16, 2014
luckyfatima in General Topics

About Tostones

They are more of an on-the-side thing than the main meal. If you are looking for something traditional, maybe go for rice and beans plus some kind of animal protein dish like a meat stew, fried fish, chicken, or what have you. Or you could serve them with garlic dipping sauce.

Sep 08, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

cotton candy grapes

I liked them but husband and kids rejected them.

Sep 08, 2014
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Wiener Circle - and tacos

Is it jenni's?

Wiener Circle - and tacos

What is the name of the taco bar?

The pics on Yelp of the Wiener's Cajun dishes look way better than the couple of Cajun restos I've seen in this area. Do you know if their ettouffee and jambalaya are on the regular menu or do they have specials that change often?

Do you substitue sour cream for plain yogurt?

I never do it in marinades. I don't know if sour cream would have the same tenderizing effect as yoghurt. Does it?

I usually make raitas with plain yoghurt for daily consumption, but if I am having a party I will add some sour cream to the raita to make it richer.

Sep 01, 2014
luckyfatima in Home Cooking

Indian Pickles in Saveur

Typical restaurant table pickle is likely going to be mixed pickle, green mango, lemon, or green chile.

Aug 31, 2014
luckyfatima in General Topics

How to eat Mexican Soup with a side of Tortillas?

Roll it into a tube and take bites of it in between spoons of soup. You can sprinkle salt on it before rolling it, if you like.

Aug 29, 2014
luckyfatima in General Topics

Anyone tried Saba?

Has anyone tried out Saba Traditional Yemeni Cuisine in Fairfax? If anyone stops by, please report back.