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where to eat pasta in Toronto?

We like Romagna Mia...inexpensive and tasty. Try the carbonara or the Strangled Priest. As a side, we were there this week and had one of their new apps, a cuttlefish salad stack with a pea based sauce (it was exceptional).

Wine can be a bit pricey there, which is my only real criticism of the place.

Geat Fish and Pasta restaurant

Although Zee Grill removed the fantastic penne with lobster sauce from the menu years ago, my father somehow still manages to get them to cook it for him.

Jack, the owner, also gave my Dad a huge stuffed pike that he had in the restaurant basement, so there's some odd relationship there :)

Anyways, try Zee Grill, even if they don't have pasta...and if it's a requirement for this visit, try it some other time - it's one of my favorites.

Zee Grill
641 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA