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Looking for Chinese BBQ'ed Pork in Winnipeg

Hoping someone can help with this.

I've been looking for good Chinese BBQ'ed pork here in Winnipeg. I and many others used to go to Sun-Wah for the BBQ there but he has since moved on. Anyone know where to? or have any other suggestions?

Winnipeg Burgers

Mrs. Mikes was a total disappointment for me to tell you the truth. I had heard such great things and found the burger to be no better than alright. My favourite burger is actually outside of Winnipeg in Portage La Prairie of all places. Jimmy's submarine makes the best fat boy I've ever had. Beats Super Boys and all the rest hands down.

Corn tortillas in Winnipeg?

El Izalco would be my answer as well. She also makes great Papusa's with homemade salsa and coleslaw. We love them.