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BBQ Pork Shoulder on my Weber


I didn't remove the cover for about 4 hours cook time. The meat was blackened but not ruined at all and in some places the color was good and the level of doneness was of course cooked through and sliced nicely. I did wrap it in tinfoil and then let the remaining fuse cookf for another couple of hours. The rub I used went well with the sauce recipe you mentioned in a previous post that was apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, kosher salt, ketchup and crushed pepper flakes and water.

I'm from Smithfield / Clayton NC area but raised in California. I always want to make the same sauce used at BBQ its with the cole slaw, hush puppies and sweet ice tea. Love it. Thanks again for the great technique for smoking meat on my weber. It was much easier than I previously thought.

It was a successful Pork Shoulder / boneless / slice.


BBQ Pork Shoulder on my Weber

Woodburner, yeah, my use of terminology was poor. I certainly know the difference between direct and indirect methods. I use them all the time. It was the fuse that was really cool and I don't usually smoke.But the setup is in it's 2nd hour and the good news you gave me was that 6 hours should suffice for decent slicing pork. I purchased boneless country pork shoulder. Already slices that are about 8 inches long and about 3 to 4 inches thick. I put a nice rub on them for over 12 hours.

Problem is the space on my 20 inch weber is forced me to put some of the meet on the last 1/2 of the fuse towards from the start of burn point.

Can I stack the meat on top of each other? I imagine it would slow down the process a bit but for now I was planning to move the meat to other side once the fuse makes it 1/2 way.

Also, how often can I get away with pulling the lid off to inspect and move meat based on my lack of space? I guess I got about 12 to 14 lbs of meat on

But I did have some hardwood mesiquite which I'm using at the points you specified in the earl 1/2 of the fuse. Smelling quite nice.

Thanks alot on the 4th and Happy 4th Of July to you and the rest of us chow hounds.


BBQ Pork Shoulder on my Weber

Woodburner, this is a great setup. I will be doing this tomorrow - but problem is i dont have any wood chips. I dont have time if the process will take 10-12 hours to get tender. I have a couple or so questions.

1. In the absence of wood chips can i do something else to get smokey flavor?
2. Is there something I could do using apple cider vinegar in the drip pan ?
3. How tender would you say the meat would be after 6 hours of grilling?
4. Of course having wood chips is preferred but can this be a good meal even if using typical grilling method with over the counter sauces?

Thanks alot for your good information from 2009.