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Cow Tongue

John Mull's Meat lists it on their products listing.

Mar 04, 2014
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Where to buy food for home cooking

Having shopped at both Larry's and Mull's over the years and now living about four blocks from Mull's, I have to vote Mull's as the better of the two. However, going to Mull's you need a good idea of what cuts of meat you are looking for, but both Chuck, the current generation owner, and Nita at the front are both very helpful.

Larry' has a meat counter where you can see the cut meat in front of you. At Mull's there is no counter, you give your order to the front counter folks and the write it up. Then the butchers, usually Chuck himself cuts it to your specifications and desires.

A note of caution though: With the great success of Mull's Road Kill Grill out front, the butcher shop has become very busy. So get there before 10 AM for the shortest wait. Fortunately, I can drop off a request a day or two early and then pick it up.

Mull's has large selection of meats, cold cuts, and cheese to choose and order.

Mull's has been in the same rural neighborhood since 1958; Chuck is the grandson of John Mull. They have to be doing something right.

Feb 20, 2014
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Asking My Girlfriend to Marry Me Restaurant Choices.

For romance, you can't beat Hugo's Cellar at the Four Queens on Fremont St.

Jul 16, 2013
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Birthday pie in Vegas?

Sun City Summerlin is a bit of a drive from the Strip (30-45 minutes one way).

Jun 28, 2013
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Best Indian restaurant?

India Oven at Sahara/Paradise and Saffron at Craig/Tenaya are our favorites.

Mar 21, 2013
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Le Cirque or Andres

For completeness, Alize at the Palms is also a Rochat property. Similar menu to Andre's, better view.

Mar 01, 2013
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas - Top Chef/Iron Chef Restaurant recommendation

DOCG and Scarpetta are Scott Conant's place.
e and Jaleo are Jose Andreas.

But before Wolfgang came to town, the Original Las Vegas Top Chef was Andre Rochat. Both his places Alize at Palms and Andre's at Monte Carlo are excellent.

Jan 08, 2013
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Good Italian-Bratwurst-Breakfast

All the Big Dog/Draft House places serve Johnsonville Bratwurst Dinners.

Dec 26, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

4 days over New Year's in Vegas

It will be OK to walk if you don't mind walking with a 100,000 or so of your closest friends.

Dec 17, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

4 days over New Year's in Vegas

Remember, crossing the Strip in a car without going way South or North will be impossible on NYE as the Strip (including cross traffic) is closed to cars starting about 6pm. So from NYNY you really will only be able to drive West, so Chinatown an Spring Mountain/Jones will be accessible. Any Strip restauarant away from Stip/Tropicana area will be only accessible by foot.

Dec 17, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

"VIVA MERCADO" Feedback please

Here is my comment from October.

I'll agree with Viva Mercado's. My family and i have been going Viva's since at least the 80s.
I like the fact that the menu is not limited to beans and rice mexican, but a lot of different styles
It also has a selection of 12 kinds of salsas with heat ratings from 1 to 10.

Dec 10, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Fine Liquor Store in Vegas

Total Wines and More is much better than Lee's. Lee's does have a lot of stores, Total has two.

Oct 29, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Breakfast and Lunch options in or near Rio?

If you travel North from Rio on Valley View to Spring Mountain (about 2 miles), you will be in the heart of Chinatown.

Oct 22, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Thinking of the Parents buying Lunch

So, here is the situation. My wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary. My parents will undoubtedly ask to buy a meal, we prefer lunch with them. Unlike my wife and I , both parents don't really appreciate foodie restaurants (they cost to much, are to fancy, etc.) and my Mother doesn't/won't eat seafood. Price is not really an object and we all live here.

So ... what recommendations from the Chowhound world?

P.S. These are also considerations when we take them out for special occasions. They usually pick Viva Mercado or Yardhouse. Both are good choices but not for our anniversary.

Oct 21, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

What restaurants have I not been to and need to check out?

Give Bar+Bistro at Charleston/Main a try.

Oct 16, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Tex Mex or Mexican recommendations

I'll agree with Viva Mercado's. My family and i have been going Viva's since at least the 80s.

I like the fact that the menu is not limited to beans and rice mexican, but a lot of different styles

It also has a selection of 12 kinds of salsas with heat ratings from 1 to 10.

Oct 16, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

A new doughnut place in an old doughnut place

There I am driving south on Decatur, just south of Washington. I notice Winchell's Doughnuts is gone. I would stop here for a doughnut on my my way to high school in the late 70's.

Winchell's has moved up to a space next to Cardena's and now the doughnut place is called Dulce Doughnuts, a Mom and Pop place. I am not a doughnut aficionado, but Dulce was very good. Two dozen are less than $15.

Oct 02, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Saffron - Flavors of India (report)

Finally, a pretty decent Indian restaurant for the denizens of the NW valley. Saffron Flavors is not as good as our favorite Indian restaurant, India Oven @ Sahara/Paradise, but the drive is 10 minutes vs. 30 minutes.

foursome decided to give Saffron Flavors a try this past Saturday. As janetofreno wrote, the decor is certainly better than India Oven, but the food doesn't quite get there. First, I would of liked to see more lamb curries on the menu. My wife's favorite is lamb korma, not listed on the menu. I believe a special order could have been made, but this was our first time here.

The services was definitely outstanding, Attentive, but not cloying. On to the food!

Appetizers: We ordered vegi samosas and paneer hakka. The samosas were probably up there with some of the best we have had. The dough was not heavy, not like a southern hush puppy you often get at Indian places. The hakka may have been the best course of the evening. Very well seasoned/spiced. The added vegis were perfect for cutting the heat.

Entrees: I had lamb vindaloo. The other three: lamb gosht, fish goa curry, and chicken tikka. I don't think there were any clunkers in the lot. My vindaloo was very tasty, but a little on the sweet side.

We ordered the plain and garlic Naan and as janet said it was very good.

So, we decide to go out for Indian food, India Oven or Saffron Flavors? I want to drive, India Oven; I don't, Saffron Flavors. The food is better at India Oven; the convenience is better at Saffron Flavors. After work take out will be easier at Saffron Flavors.

Oct 02, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Restaurant Week - Dinner 1 (D.O.C.G)

The understanding me thought that maybe the restaurant wasn't fully staffed until 6 PM. The cynic in me says it is to get more money by having us buy Strip price cocktails. My personal response was to order only water.

Sep 08, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Restaurant Week - Dinner 1 (D.O.C.G)

AquaKnox Thoughts - Restaurant Week Dinner 2

Well what to say? The food was not the most memorable and the service was Jekyll and Hyde. Let's start with the meal.

First Course choices were Lobster Bisque, Crab Cakes, or Halloumi Cheese. I chose the bisque because Lobster Bisque is probably my favorite soup; my wife chose the Cheese because it included Shisito Peppers (my favorite since dining at Raku. Unfortunately, I wasn't very successful in growing them this season, but February and seed season is just around the corner). The bisque was basic, tasty and satisfying. My wife raved about the cheese. Probably should have ordered it, but bisque is my siren.

Second course: Prawns, Ribcap, or Salmon. One prawn, two steaks, and one salmon ordered. I don't think any of the entrees stood tall or laid flat. Really nothing bad or good.

Third course: Creme Brulee or Homemade ice cream sundae. Here it was two each; I ordered the brulee and it was a good brulee but soupy.

The non-Restaurant Week menu looked good. The restaurant is a one-only, not run by a celebrity chef and probably would return except for the Jekyll/Hyde service.

Which first; poor service or great service? Chronologically, the poor service set the tone for my mediocre review as much as the great service tried to improve my thoughts; so poor service first.

Our Open Table reservation was Saturday night @ 600 PM; we arrived at 5:40 because that's the way we are. The restaurant had seated earlier patrons, but we couldn't be seated at this time and were directed to the bar to wait and of course order a drink. Being a little bit upset at this I ordered lake mead water no ice no lemon and the bar didn't get that right (twice). There were many open tables. Precisely at 600 (I checked the cell phone), the hostess collected us at the bar and led us to the worst table in the place. This table was at the main focal point for the the three major routes from the kitchen to the rest of the restaurant. This is 600 PM and there are a lot of open tables; not the last " we are glad you are here, but this is all we have left table"! I asked to be reseated and we were finally moved to another table in a less traveled traffic lane, but still a final approach/departure route to the kitchen. But the hostess was not able to make this call without consulting either her boss or the computer.

Now the much better table service from Chris, our waiter. Once we started our RW voyage, Chris was very attentive, but not cloying and made the dining experience very good.

Just as a side note: both servers, at Aquaknox and DOCG were very enthusiastic about RW, but why do you HAVE to ask for the menu?

Sep 06, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Vegetarian Take Out

While not really on the way to VoF, i would recommend Origin India on Harmon across from Hard Rock Casino.

Sep 05, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Restaurant Week - Dinner 1 (D.O.C.G)

Restaurant Week (RW) Fall 2012

Our standard MO is for our favorite dining partners and my wife and I to each select a RW choice. This year my choice is D.O.C.G. and the other choice is Aquanox. Opinion here: Choices seem fewer this year and menus were similar.

Our first choice, DOCG,
Tuesday @ 600PM. Three course meal, no wine pairings. The wine list was large, but our table stayed with “by the glass” (maybe not the best choice). Three meal combinations reviewed as two of four were identical.

First Course: Two romaine salads, Carpaccio, and calamari. The romaine was a significant amount of very crisp romaine hearts (4-6), very lightly dressed with Caesar’s (I love lightly dressed). The Carpaccio was enough for two appetizers; the caper/onion dressing was excellent. The calamari was your standard squid, but was quite tasty.

Second Course: Two Maccheroni, Margherita Pizza, and grilled Salmon. The homemade spaghetti (Maccheroni) and the tomato sauce were pretty standard, but the meatballs were the smallest I have every had, good, and very tender. The pizza looked awesome; crispy w/nice char. Finally, my wife declared “Best Grilled Salmon in a long while.” What else to say?

Third Course: Two Mascarpone Cheesecake, Chocolate Mouse Bar, and Salted Carmel Budino (pudding). I forget that cheesecake doesn’t have to be the dense New York Style you often find in restaurants. This was more cheese pudding, soft, creamy, and luscious. The Mouse Bar was you basic high chocolate brownie. According to the table, the budino was the best dessert: soft crème Brule/custard, perfect caramel topping, and perfect sea salt on top.

As opposed to last year’s session, where we became second class diners in the eyes of the management (also a Cosmopolitan restaurant), we were treated grandly. Don, our server was very attentive and we had no service issues.

The value of Restaurant Week to the restaurants: Our foursome likely would not have visited DOCG had it not been RW. We were the first customers at 6:00 pm, but the place was pretty full by 7:30 (a very slow Tuesday evening). Looking around there were at least six other RW customers.

Aug 29, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Best pizza in Vegas!!!


Let me suggest Four Kegs at Jones and US 95. Actually the first restaurant visited by Guy Fiero on Diners, Drive-ins and Dive. Strombolis, Calzone, and Pizza.

Aug 21, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar

Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar

Time for the ladies’ birthday dinner. This year, after extensive deliberations, it was Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar at Rainbow and Tropicana.

So let’s start at the martini bar title of the equation.
The restaurant has 400+ martinis on their menu. It is hard for me to understand the reason for 400+ martinis, even though there are many repetitions with the primary alcohol interchanged. However, I decided to buy in. I am your standard scotch neat or on the rocks kind of guy, I went for the Triple Threat (scotch, lime juice, and cointreau). Not bad, like a scotch margarita minus the salt rim. The other three went with standard vodka or gin versions of the perfect martini; my wife did the Perestroika (Triple Threat with vodka rather than scotch). I do see how this would be a great happy hour place with $ 2.00 off drinks and appetizers.

Onward to appetizers!
The two couples chose to split appetizers. Our favorite dining couple went with the fried calamari and spicy dipping sauce. They both seemed to enjoy this course (I have a personal approach; if I didn’t order it I don’t try it. Everybody else was sharing, not my thing. Let the comments come!) The birthday wife and I split the mussels in coconut milk and curry. Mussels are my favorite shell food, but my preferred preparation is Mediterranean. But this preparation was very good. Not spicy, but excellent (not too strong) curry/southwest Asian flavors.
Entrees, three off the menu and one special. Let’s start with the other birthday lady. She ordered the Linguine Elements (Pasta with andouille sausage and Vidalia onions). I don’t have a take. Usually she has an opinion either good or bad. No indications here. However, her husband raved about the ½ duck entrée. Based on the rest of the table (see above) this was the evening’s best entree. My better half went for the NY Strip with chimichuri. She thought it was very good. I went for the special, half rack of ribs. Apparently, this is a popular special as the couple at the next table are regulars and didn’t need a menu to order. This was a tropical BBQ sauce vs. American smoke. VERY GOOD!

Desserts, not tonight, thank you.
With a flourless chocolate cake at home, no desserts were ordered. However, as Chef Jose does the savory cooking, including baking the bread daily (very good), Katherine, his wife, makes the desserts. We will save this for another visit. She said this night’s special dessert was bread pudding using her husband’s stale bread (bread pudding is one of my favorites, maybe next time).

How about the service and overall experience: Very Good!
Reviewers at another site ( thought Katherine (front of house) was a little overbearing, especially in praising her husband. My thought, yes she talks highly about her husband, Jose the chef. But I am proud of what my wife does and will talk about it, she should too.

Some folks have compared this to Rosemary’s. I wasn’t a fan of Rosemary’s, but I would drive from NLV airport area to Elements for dinner.

Aug 14, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Turkey Day in Vegas....

What you will find is that all the hotels offer Thanksgiving meals throughout their properties. Las Vegas is open 365/7/24. Standard offerings are Turkey, Ham, and Beef. Often Prime Rib.

Aug 14, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Where is Raku? In this strip mall?

Actually, it is located in the back of the strip mall that is east of the one in your google. East of Hauk St.

Jul 03, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Looking for Very Romantic Feel from Restaurant

That is an ugly sign.

Ask for a table on the east-side (strip side) of the restaurant.

Jun 13, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Looking for Very Romantic Feel from Restaurant

Alize at the Palm: Same Chef (Andre Rochat), better view.

Jun 12, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas

Cookbooks and College Graduation [moved from Las Vegas]

This post does not talk about the top six (or so) restaurants usually discussed here (LOS, Raku, Jaleo/e, Bouchon, any steak place, and Sage). But my question for the panel is food related, not restaurant related.

What are the three most important cookbooks to give to a college graduate?

My three:
• Joy of Cooking
• Essential Pepin
• Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook

Mar 27, 2012
lv1964 in Home Cooking

Macayo’s – W. Charleston, an Obituary

In a recent Review-Journal column, John L. Smith (a Western High School (1978) classmate of mine) announced the closing of Macayo’s on West Charleston. While many may consider this as non-Chow Hound worthy, those of us who started their CH career at a very early age must recognize this passing.

I started going to dinner at the age of five or six at Macayo’s – East Charleston (near to Fong’s Garden, another CHer memory) in the very early 1960’s. When the West Charleston restaurant opened, the monthly Mexican dinner with the hosts, my parents, moved to West Charleston. The memorable part of these dinners was the Roy Rogers cocktail with the plastic burro on the rim of the glass.

As John L. Smith mentioned in his column, Macayo’s – W. Charleston was one of two significant places for the three most western Las Vegas High Schools (Western, Bonanza, and Clark) to go to after basketball or football games. (The other was a Shakey’s on W. Charleston). Instead of the plastic burro, the memory here is the TCT (Toasted Cheese Tostado), basically a large flour tortilla with melted cheese. They are called quesadillas today, but in 1978 everybody ordered TCTs.

In recent years, Macayo’s – W. Charleston has become the occasional weekend lunch spot for my wife and me, basic Tex-Mex food and margaritas.

So I since believe being a CHers is more then the most recent great dining experience and more about how we got here, I truly morn the passing of childhood, teenager, and adult experiences. Though, the good memories remain. My wife and I will truly miss this restaurant.

Jan 19, 2012
lv1964 in Las Vegas