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Poutine in Vancouver: can it be done?

If you're around New West:

SpudShack at the upper level of New West Skytrain station.
Anny's Dairy bar on sixth. My kid loves the poutine there.
Costco. For me, acceptable poutine because the value is incredible.

or go anywhere that does great fries (I love Go Fish fries) and get some curds and gravy and there you go.

Dinner in Princeton, BC - any suggestions?

Lol, whenever we stop at Princeton it's to Chevron for a pee, take the dog for a pee ... then maybe a couple of slurpees.

Other than that it's sometimes A&W or Dairy Queen ... if I have time and going the right direction. Cowboy Coffee is a nice place.

As you can see, we have kids. :)

2014 spot prawn season

Saw spot prawns at T&T Coquitlam yesterday. They looked nice to me ... can't remember price tho.

Decent pho in new west?

My friend likes Pho Maxima on 20th. Good urbanspoon reviews ... but it may be inflated due to the "new west" thing where people will settle for less due to proximity ... but I may be wrong so I shouldn't slander them. :)

If I want a good bowl of Pho I go to Pho Tam in Surrey ... it's only ~ 12 mins away.

Who sells salt cod or serrano ham in Vancouver?

Well, ten years later you can find Jamon Iberico at, of all places,

If I had that much disposable income I would buy it ...

Pine honey in Vancouver

Had to look up Sayward ... no wonder I didn't recognize it at first. I've only been up that way once many moons ago. I should get out to the Island more.

Luke's of Calgary doing popup in Vancouver Chinatown featuring Stumptown coffee

Can someone give the Cole's notes on Stumptown?

Is there something that Stumptown is doing that is different worth checking out? Quality? Innovation? Trend?

Or should I just stick with my Timmies? :)

Jamaican Restaurants

Strange, their website is still up. However, I just noticed that it says "closed" when you look up their hours. Maybe they're doing mostly catering now ... oh well.

Jamaican Restaurants

My initial reaction is "this is kinda strange ... if I was visiting Jamaica I wouldn't want to eat Canadian food lol ..."

But I shouldn't judge. :)

I don't know many places that do "excellent" Jamaican ... but I know of Taste Nice in Surrey, just over the Patullo.


There's D Roti Shak in New West. Never been there but want to try. It's more Trini really.

When I have a hankering for Rotis I head over to Rehanah's Roti on St Johns in Port Moody. I loooove their Doubles ... but you have to call first because they don't offer them everyday.

Taste Nice is pretty casual. Lots of BC Lion's players eat there during training camp/practice. D Roti Shak looks the nicest inside. There are barely 3 tables at Rehanah's ... I always do take out there.

Hope this helps.

So really what's the problem?

I'll tell what really is the problem ... we need editors around here!

Can You Name a Local Restaurant That Accepts Amex?

I just have to add that the only reason why I have an Amex is because of Costco. That's it. Otherwise i'm all Visa, that's just the way it is for me.

Curious why you're asking?

I wonder if there's some way to collect data automatically from various sites like yelp or urbanspoon re: method of payment and then pare it down to just Amex? That would make it easier for you.

Gooseneck barnacles now available in Vancouver

Saw them up and down the Oregon coast ... some big 'uns there.

ISO american cheese

Hmmnn ... block of American cheese?

The closest thing I can think of is going to Costco Bellingham and buying some cheese ... i've experienced some Tillamook pre-sliced American cheese off the block, not the preformed stuff. That worked well with "classic home-style grilled cheese".

Other than that, I would call up a cheese specialty store and ask around. Perhaps the major vendors, even Walmart, might carry something under the radar.

Where to get a precise 0.1 g or 0.01 g digital scale (for measuring out dessert ingredients)?

Dessert ingredients ... right .... *wink, wink*

Need a precision scale to 0.1g or even 0.01g ... for dessert, yes, for dessert ingredients. *wink, wink*


Seriously though,, ship it to a drop ship/receiving over at Blaine/Point Roberts, get gas at same time.

That's what i'd do.

.... and then resume my cocai .... errr ... dessert ingredients weighing ...

Crave on Main closing

That kind of sucks ... was a great basic burger!

Seafood Club

Interesting site. "Pay less than retail price ..." - but of course. :)

What would be more interesting is to get some real industry folks' perspective and/or opinions on English Bay Seafoods, whether they do a good job servicing the food industry or not.

The average Joe would not know. But i'm sure that there are some people around here that have more intimate knowledge of this business and the products they provide.

vancouver trip report

Enjoyed the writeup. Thanks for the taking the time to put a little soul into it.

Where can I buy Monin syrup?

Call around to find retailers ...

49th Parallel Coffee on Main!

I don't know ... I had a little bit of the wife's latte and it was really nice. I realize that espresso does not equal coffee ... but just sayin'.

Had the salted caramel donut and it was good if pretty expensive.

Where can i find the Best Fried chicken in the GVRD

I've been diggin' LA Chicken lately ... it's very good.

Note: the darker color chicken looks like the spicy ... but it's actually the "regular". The lighter color chicken is the spicy.

Counter-intuitive, I know, but that's how it rolls at LA Chicken.

ISO Whistler recs that accommodate dietary restrictions

All I can say is that communication is king.

May be better to just look up places that fit your culinary interest ... and then communicate your requirements and you'll find out how willing or able they are in fulfilling them.

Perhaps restaurant establishments that share space with hotels will be "more accommodating" to special requests because it's right up their alley to do so.

Quick Lunch Stop in Osoyoos - looking for recommendation

That sounds really good ... but not with "young children" ... that's something you would do as a couple to enjoy yourself and not be "encumbered" by kids.

Perhaps that's me (I have 4) ... bringing my children to a situation like that is not my idea of "quick place to grab some lunch".

Torani Chicken & Waffle Syrup

Have you called espresso places like ECM? I know they carry Torani and they may have some left in stock. You can always order online (I know you said Vancouver) but the Chicken and Waffles is hard to find (probably a combo of low production and increasing demand)

Both buycoffeecanada and reunionislandcoffee are oos.

I hear that Canterbury is the distributor for Torani in Vancouver, may be worth a shot to call them and find out which places carry stock and then make some phone calls. Hope that helps.

Noodle Box unconcerned of allergies [moved from B.C. (inc. Vancouver) board]

Sorry to hear about the boyfriend ... but this story reminds me of a famous movie quote:

"Assumption is the mother of all f*ck ups!"

If one has an allergy that may lead to anaphylaxis (serious, serious stuff) ... the onus is on YOU.

Let me be clear, the onus is on YOU to take care of yourself.

Mistakes happen, communication problems happen, wrong perceptions and plain stupidity happens. People can't read minds or see into your soul.

Just because things worked well before does not mean it's guaranteed for the next time.

Even if the cook was your boyfriend's mother and knew of his allergies intimately and historically ... one little brain fart can lead to shellfish being added into a dish. Again, mistakes happen. All. The. Time.

Coming to an internet forum without an iron-clad case won't fulfill your wish to have everyone completely agree with you.

Oct 25, 2012
bill_n_opus in Not About Food

Tellicherry Black Peppercorns in bulk

Here's an off the beaten path suggestion:

how about buying a bunch of Costco's Tellicherry pepper mills?

Costco is so cheap and they are already "packaged" up for you. Just bust one open when you need to!

I haven't priced out the mills versus something you can get in bulk ... but I would venture to guess that the price is probably very competitive ... and it would not surprise me to find that it would be cheaper via Costco given the economies of scale.


Fine, we'll agree to disagree.

But if you're gonna try to argue more foam versus less foam with a bit more milk than less ... and try to somehow connect it to a "myriad of other espresso-based coffee preparations" I think you're seriously reaching there. "Please!"

and let's do keep it real. No one was going so far to say "Timmies for everyone!" I guess you like the deep end of the semantic pool. I'm not going to tread water there to make you happy. :)

"Flat White" in Australia, fine. Potato ... potatoe ... oysters or "errsters!" You say Aboriginal, others say Native ... meh. I'm going to ask for a "low-rise egg-shell" next time and tell them it's distinct from a "flat white" ;) because it's what they call it in Kuala Lampur.

seeking wedding venue advice

I've been to Hycroft ... beautiful setting. Food dished out in basement so you have to walk up/down stairs. Perhaps a problem if you have people that are less mobile. That was awhile ago so things may have changed (or not). If the weather is nice then people hang out outside which really made the wedding IMO.

Keep in mind that Hycroft is haunted real good. (lol) Just FYI if that matters.

No experience with Hart or Tea house for a wedding, sorry.


This whole "flat white" thing sounds pretentious.

AFAIK, it just means it's a latte but without the foam head and focusing mainly on the steamed microfoam milk that doesn't get scalded to retain the "caramelized" flavour.

I basically make this all the time for myself with my machine. I make these for my co-workers for a treat ... they like it (but I don't go around calling it a "flat white") Anyways, just my 2 cents.

Best Burger in Vancouver - what's your vote?

Just had the Crave Burger with the Blue Cheese add-on. I quite enjoyed it and would definitely order it again.

I also had Five Guys South Surrey recently. The "regular" which is two patties and "the usual" toppings. It was tasty, quite messy (which is not necessarily a knock). I didn't completely blow me away but I would try it again. Maybe it was because I was thinking I was dining next to Barack Obama and the Russian President (like they did in D.C a few years back) and was distracted ...

Both environments are quite different of course. Crave is casual but more "upscale" compared to Five Guys.

I'll add that Burger Burger in New West on 4th Ave and 6th St makes a great, cheap burger. Kind of like Chinese "greasy spoons" do it, it's an Asian couple (Korean iirc) that runs the joint. For something like 5.75 plus tax you get a mushroom burger, fries and a can of pop. Pretty insane price point. The fries are actually very good, the burger nice and mushroomy-sloppy.

And you get to choose your can of pop! Sherman of Sherman's Food Adventures loves this place.

Best Barbecue in Vancouver?

Thanks for all the good info.