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Dewey Square farmer's market terminated

It's back! Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Dewey Square farmer's market terminated

try or run the idea by the Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation, which spearheads revitalization projects in that area.

Dewey Square farmer's market terminated

Check out today's (6/4) Herald Business section for a,piece on the pending BRA study on the potential creation of a market district downtown and the potential role for the Boston Public Market in bringing local product to one or more sites there.

Food Wall in JP

Bernard's is super, Mandarin Gourmet in Putterham is close by and good, I call Charlie Chan's when I'm desperate and Food Wall has its moments if you stay basic.

Shangri-la (Boston)- where else delivers lunch...

Have you tried Billy Tse's on Atlantic Ave? My old office used to order from there for 4-8 people and we're not far from State House.

Good luck!

Downtown Bread

When Pigs Fly does great bread business on Mondays at Dewey, while Iggy's, Breadsong and Country Harvest come in later in the week (Weds/Thurs).

Opinions on local meat producers and meat CSAs?

River Rock is terrific! Used to buy from them at Northern Ave (now Dewey). the best of the meat vendors those two markets have had. So sad when the owner passed away last winter but hope they can keep going.

Northern Ave was a little better for meat sales than Dewey because you could toss your purchases into your car and drive off, that and the fact that River Rock is SO good!

Help! Stuck at BCEC/Seaport for dinner!

Daily Catch is still the hidden treasure on that side of the water. Kate Hudson filmed there the other day, and the food is great too!

Wed Farmer's Markets - City Hall vs. Dewey Sq.?

Dewey is open three days a week, City Hall two. Mondays at Dewey are smaller, but Nourse and When Pigs Fly have done great business on those days, I'm told.
Today at Dewey, 13 tents were up, about the same at CH, Thursday, about the same, new vendor on Thursdays is Country Harvest Bakery and BPM newsletter ( says that used book collection will take place tomorrow as well. Fitcorp was out doing fitness screening at Dewey and Hood was continuing their hormone-free milk promotion. Bought some gifts from the Fort Point Artists also.

JP Scene: My 2 cents so far....

As someone else mentioned, Zon's is always solid, as is James Gate (service a little slow sometimes). I go to Wonder Spice in winter for soup. For "community", I go to the Bella Luna/Milky Way complex (and they deliver!).

We need a deli, a real Chinese restaurant (though Mandarin Gourmet is close enough) and a prepared foods mecca for when you just don't feel like cooking and the Sox are on ...

Arnold Arboretum -- where to eat?

can always go to Doyles ...

Visiting Boston for Hubby's Convention in October

Daily Catch is next to the Barking Crab and very good, you're also near the North End for Italian -- Strega, Tresca, etc