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PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2009

Over $25
1. Cut
2. BLT Steak
3. Mastros
4. Pizzeria Mozza
5. Sona

Under $25
1. Bay Cities
2. Westside Tavern
3. Fuentes
4. Loteria Grill
5. Porto’s Bakery

Nov 25, 2009
grublah in Los Angeles Area

Cheap and Cheerful Mexican food

Don Huarache is a really good call. I've also been to a few events catered by La Maria, good Colombian food, great marinated steak. Ask and they'll know what I'm talking about. The restaurant is on Victory Blvd b/t Cahuenga and N. Hollywood Way - (818) 755-8811.

Dec 05, 2008
grublah in Los Angeles Area

joe's pizza (from nyc) in santa monica

Something happened at Joes. I've been there before and enjoyed their white pie, but I was there over the weekend got a pie- half plain and half white with added spinach. The plain was dry and bland and the white pie was all garlic and overcooked. The worst part was that they used FROZEN SPINACH on the pie. What reputable restaurant uses frozen spinach. COME ON! You could taste it right away, it ruined my experience. This isn't the same pizza you get at Joes in NY. I'm from NY and refuse to go back to Joes. I learned my lesson and will stick to Vito's from now on.

Nov 25, 2008
grublah in Los Angeles Area

Help with meal suggestions while visiting Austin, near 6th St.

I'm getting 15-20 of my friends together from NY and LA for a 3 day/night trip to Austin in September. I would appreciate your help in picking where we should eat breakfast, lunch and dinner for a large. Breakfast and lunches should be your picks of the Austin's best brunch and lunch spots. I'm assuming bbq like Stubs or Salt Lick for lunch. I was hoping for a good Austin dinner spot that isn't too expensive ($30 and under entrees), that can hold our group (maybe pre-fix menu). Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

May 10, 2008
grublah in Austin

One Sunset, anyone been?

I went recently and was rather impressed with what One has to offer. How many times can you go to the Belmont or Parc with their miniscule dishes and they kick you out after 1½ hours (what’s that about?). The place looks great and the food is good, different and fun. "Erica's Badass Burgers," which are basically 2 tasty cheeseburger sliders with a side of onion rings and fries rocked the house as did the chicken oyster Rockefeller and warm buffalo chicken which were basically tasty chicken wings as little breast on a stick = yum. The jumbo shrimp cocktail was fresh and tasty and the mushroom and arugula, truffle pizza was tasty although the regular one was bland. Skip the Mac n Cheese and I was hoping for more from the potato pancakes. All in all I was very pleased and put it at the top of my list for a go-to place for good small plates and drinks. Fantastic for a date or boys/girls nights out. I’m putting it into my repertoire (Belmont, Lolas, Jones, One Sunset). The lounge was happening and it was worth sticking around the meal. While I wasn’t crazy about the hostesses, the wait staff was on point, the bartenders make a mean and stiff drink and the manager was eager to please.

Aug 09, 2007
grublah in Los Angeles Area