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Looking for a really good Sunday brunch in Detroit....

This is a follow up to thank everyone for their suggestions for brunch in Detroit. We chose Sweet Lorraine's in Southfield and enjoyed it so much. It was exactly what we were looking for. I have worked in Detroit for the past ten years---although my home is in Columbus, Ohio. If I had the opportunity to move, Michigan would be my choice. I just meet great, great people everytime I am there.

What I liked most about Sweet Lorraines was the fresh squeezed orange juice---truly the best that I have had in a very long time. I also chose the havarti cheese and ham omlet and it was wonderful--- served with an absolutely perfect biscuit. My partner had the full breakfast--eggs, bacon, biscuit---and it was just as delicious. Another thing that we noticed were so many families celebrating birthdays and other things I suppose, and it was such a warm atmosphere. We still want to try The Whitney and Toast as well in the future. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions here---enormously helpful.

Sweet Lorraine's Cafe & Bar
333 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

Nov 16, 2011
TWEETYKaren in Great Lakes

Looking for a really good Sunday brunch in Detroit....

Thanks so much to all three of you---I have a lot to look at!

Oct 16, 2011
TWEETYKaren in Great Lakes

Looking for a really good Sunday brunch in Detroit....

VTB---You are way ahead of me :) Friendly, casual, not too many screaming kids--ours are grown----any price range is ok. We tend to look for adventures---if there is something to sightsee in the area---we are up for it. Still wanting something with eggs on the menu.........thanks so much!

Oct 15, 2011
TWEETYKaren in Great Lakes

Looking for a really good Sunday brunch in Detroit....

We'll be in the Troy area in November. We can drive to anywhere in Detroit--just looking for a good brunch place---no attitudes, just good food in a comfortable environment. Advice on the best time to get there (after 11:00 AM :) so that we're not in a line out the door would be great too. Egg dishes are a must! Thanks so much! Karen

Oct 15, 2011
TWEETYKaren in Great Lakes

Recommendations please for good deli (after 3:00 PM) in Cincinnati

Hi there,
We have to be in Cincinnati again this afternoon and evening. We have not been able to find a good deli serving after 3:00 PM. We missed corned beef for St. Patrick's day yesterday and we need to make up for that! Does anyone know where to find great corned beef in Cincinnati? We can go just about anywhere in that city. Thanks so much! Karen

Cleveland--good Italian restaurant wanted before show at the Grog Shop

I have some friends from Japan visiting me in Columbus, Ohio. We are going to Cleveland on Saturday, December 13th to the Grog Shop on Euclid Heights Blvd. for a concert/show. The show is late. We have heard that the shows all begin really late at the Grog Shop, so we will be going to dinner first. They want good Italian--also pizza (pizza is VERY expensive in Japan) so we would like to do that. I will also take them for corned beef sandwiches----I have heard that there is a great place for that in Cleveland----nothing fancy. My friends from Japan are all about meeting new, FRIENDLY people, so that is always a big thing on their list. They want to talk to everyone, which is great...... They will also do a little Christmas shopping. I have not booked the hotel yet either, but need to be somewhere around Euclid Heights Blvd. because of everyone drinking in our little group. Any ideas? Thanks so much, Karen

Where to go in Knoxville, TN for drinks and fun...

It does not surprise many intoxicated people there, I agree. I do want to take my friends somewhere to dance. Do you know the new name of the former Michael's? And is that the place to go? Thanks so much,

Need help with a great birthday dinner/dance restaurant, no stuffiness allowed!

I was so sad when Jilly's Retro closed. We would eat at the piano bar ( and order great champagne) when we were celebrating something and then head downstairs to Jilly's Retro. I have no idea why it closed when it was packed every weekend. I live in Columbus, Ohio and work in Chicago, so friends and myself will be there next weekend to celebrate a birthday. Any ideas on where to go for good food and great fun---which would include dancing? Yes, we love disco...LOL.... We can travel to anywhere in Chicago....Thanks so much, Karen

Nov 28, 2008
TWEETYKaren in Chicago Area

How does Napoli Pizza in Charlotte rate?

Hope this does not post problems. Sorry lynnlato about the Q Shack. Looks like it is Mac's that I will be trying. Thanks for your great sense of humor!!

Southernitalian---wish I could tell you where I will be staying. I hope to work on that this evening. I do want to try Carmella's though--what is it that you like about their pizza? If you have any suggestions about the best area of town to stay it, that would be great too! Thanks so much! Karen

Where to go in Knoxville, TN for drinks and fun...

It is hard to believe--but downtown it is! Do you know if Michael's is still in existance---for the characters, of course!!?? Thanks so much....

How does Napoli Pizza in Charlotte rate?

We are going to be in Charlotte next Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and wanted to find a good barbeque place---think we will try the Q Shak that "lynnlato" mentioned in her response. Now wondering about this pizza!!! Are most of you in agreement that Amalfi is the best pizza there? I have a hard time understanding where things are in Charlotte. We usually book our hotel rooms on Hotwire---which just shows you the area you will be in. If anyone knows a good area in which to stay near great FOODIE places, LOL, please let me know, as well as the pizza. Thanks so much, Karen

Cincinnati--need restaurant for 2:00 PM lunch, tomorrow

Hi John,
I just want to ask a couple of other things--I received your posting too late to try your suggestions, unfortunately. So: the Dana Ave. exit---is that where Xavier is? Hyde Park Square, is that a restaurant also, or a park? I know you mentioned Arthur's at the same exit, and we will try that, as well as Zips at Mt. Lookout Square---I have to be there a lot...thanks so much! Karen

Where to go in Knoxville, TN for drinks and fun...

I used to live in Knoxville for four it so much, love the people. We had a place that we always went to on Kingston Pike that closed about 2:00 AM. I am having some friends from Japan come and visit again and they want to go to Knoxville again---where could I take them for drinks and fun? They love to go somewhere where everyone will talk to them....besides me....LOL.... Also--they will be here the second week of December...thanks so much, Karen

Cincinnati--need restaurant for 2:00 PM lunch, tomorrow

Hello there,
Going to be at UC tomorrow and need a restaurant anywhere in the Cincinnati area or directly over the Kentucky line. One Japanese friend with us, does not want anything Asian for lunch. Nothing pretentious please, no attitude, just great people and great food, late lunch hours. Going back and forth from Columbus to Cincinnati, so still learning the Cincinnati area....thanks so much! TWEETYKAREN/Bexley

Also needing help with Beaufort, SC restaurants

Hello again,
We will also be in the Beaufort SC area on Thursday night--October 16th and Friday, October 17th and the 18th. Since we are not the best at cooking southern fried chicken, we would love a recommendation for that as well as good barbeque, and chicken salad. If there is great music and icy cold beer involved, all the better. We would like to try several places during our visit. We will also be heading back through Montmorenci, SC and Blackville, SC. Any ideas for those locations will be welcomed also. Many thanks! Karen

Needs help with Charlotte NC BBQ restaurants

Hello there---we will be in Charotte, NC on October 15th (late night) and October 16th. We wanted to go to Barbecue King Drive In on the 16th during lunch and somewhere late Weds. October 15th. We really love great barbeque---any late night suggestions?? Karen

Italian Beef - where to go (while visiting for short time)?

If this posts twice to you shengtang, I apologize! Please go to Portillos! I have been there at least 25 times and love it. I am at the point now (living in Columbus, Ohio!) where I may have to have their beef delivered to Ohio. You have to have the Italian beef sandwich, with the cheese and sweet peppers, also the chopped salad with their sweet and sour dressing, and finally their crinkle cut fries---amazing! Portillos has so many locations that it should not be a problem to visit one or two of them :) I always fly into Midway as well, and I go to the Niles location. I am sure there is one much closer to you, to fit into your 5 hour time period.

They do have beer and after over 25 times, I can tell you that I have never had unfriendly service. You walk up, place your order, pay and pick up your food when your name is called. The price is great, especially in this economy, it can't be beat.

Enjoy---take one for the flight home. You will never forget the taste :) Karen

Oct 02, 2008
TWEETYKaren in Chicago Area

Richmond, VA with kids?

I can tell you that for almost 20 years we went to Italian Kitchen West on West Broad St. Vinny is still there and it is wonderful and inexpensive. He would come and sit at our table every Saturday night with my dad and talk about making wine or whatever else he was doing. We are Richmond, VA every year and still go there, at least twice. I have never had pizza as good as Italian Kitchen's. We do take a lot of children in there too---never a problem. I always bring the French dressing back home with me to Columbus, Ohio. Don't ask how I do it--LOL--I just have to!!! Karen B.

One night in Charlotte/NC: On the hunt for BBQ

Our family will be in Charlotte, NC in a few days and have a Monday night and Tuesday lunch to fill with something great....should we do Bar-B-Q King and then Bill Spoon's the next day...or what is this I have been hearing about Mert's Heart and Soul? Also--does anyone know the best days to go to any of these wonderful restaurants. I believe that we will be staying in the Executive Park/ South Park area. I don't know a thing about it! However, we are good at getting anywhere we want to go! Thanks so much! TWEETYkaren

Aug 09, 2007
TWEETYKaren in Central South