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BBQ Pork Shoulder on my Weber

All I can say is OMG!!! The fuse method, apple wood & foil and finish in the oven came out better than I've ever done. And don't even mention the NC sauce...HUGE hit. My 7 year old daughter who is a picky eater (eats hot dogs plain) LOVES it. Thanks for the info. Big success at the BBQ. All I need now is a great cole slaw recipe. Got some good store bought but homemade would be the icing on the pig. Thanks again.

BBQ Pork Shoulder on my Weber

I've used the 2 side pan method before but I'm anxious to try the fuse method. I have the Weber 22 Gold. Can you elaborate on the finish time? You say you foil & finish in the oven. Does that mean you cover in foil? How much longer do you cook in the oven & at what temp? If I want to finish on grill do I continue with another 3/4 fuse? Again how much longer? I plan on doing 2 pork butts. Is that okay for 1 grill or too much?