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Kneaded Bread Recommendations?

Absolutely everything that they bake (or make) there is amazing!

Coals - new restaurant in Port Chester

Went there on Sat. night and enjoyed it. I agree that you can't compare Coals to the Tarry Lodge, but I will not go back to the TL mostly because of the terrible service there. The people at Coals were great and the service was excellent. We ordered the caesar salad...which was very nice. Then 3 pizzas: a margharita (good), a smoked mozz/onion/cappacola (also good), and a fontina/mushroom/truffle oil (very good!). Also a great selection of beers. I wish J.T. Straws had at least one of these beers on tap, as I love their pizzas.

Anyway....I'll go back to Coals, though it isn't the best pizza I've had, it was interesting and set in a comfortable setting.

Polpettina homestyle pizza kitchen (Fisher Ave. Eastchester) this is so much more than just pizza...

Totally agree...JT Straws is the place for pizza. Wings are great there too.

Polpettina homestyle pizza kitchen (Fisher Ave. Eastchester) this is so much more than just pizza...

Hopping back in here...cubanat was right on the nose with respect to the bill: it was $65.50 before the tip. I had 2 beers and my wife had 1. The meatballs were very good, and the 2 pizzas excellent. (We brought most home and I was still stuffed) plus one dessert. it the best pizza I've ever had?? ...maybe close, for not being a wood-fired oven place. Can I compare it to pizza in Naples, Tuscany or Brooklyn? What can I say? I really enjoyed it.

Now compared to the Tarry Lodge?!??! Please check out:

For ONE pizza, the mixed vegetable appetizer, octopus appetizer and drinks (no dessert)... over $100, with the worse service ever. I live in PC and can walk to the Tarry Lodge and will never go back. I won't even go in to the Market...but that's another story.

Not knocking it: but went to the Colony Grill in Stamford, CT...great bar pizza (and that's it!) 3 pizzas with toppings, 2 Sam Adams drafts (average beer at best) and my wife had a glass of dessert, salad, etc and it came to $54. Again, great vibe, good bar pizza, but close to what we paid for our meal in Eastchester.

So, would I drive 20 minutes to go back to Polpettina? Yes! Friendly service with great food. Well worth it.

Polpettina homestyle pizza kitchen (Fisher Ave. Eastchester) this is so much more than just pizza...

My wife and I went last night...we were headed to Burrata up the street and didn't want to wait for a table, and as well, thought that it was too loud. So, we walked down the street and after a few minute wait were seated at the bar. What an amazing meal! Starting with the friendly bartender, who recommended all hits for us to try. Captain Lawrence on tap - the Imperial IPA and Pilsner. We started with the meatball sampler....very tasty. Then we got a small Neapolitan with onions which was excellent and topped with a healthy bunch of fresh basil. We also got the Brussel Sprout, Bacon and Taleggio special pizza...also amazing. For desert we shared the chocolate cake with the salted caramel. People around us at the bar ordered pastas and the roast chicken and were all raving. Very comfortable atmosphere with a great menu, beer and wine list and a great vibe. We will definitely go back!!

Tarry Lodge - any recent experiences?

And to top it off:


Tarry Lodge - any recent experiences?

cubanat: totally agree!! I posted here about J.T. Straw's:

The bar at Tarry was packed, otherwise we would have opted for it. I think I've had my last pizza there....I frequent J.T. Straw's almost weekly.

Tarry Lodge - any recent experiences?

I'm done with the Tarry Lodge. We've been there at least 5 times and each time the food is hit and miss. Some things are great...others are bland.

But, the reason that I will not return is simply the service....we've NEVER had a good experience!! Each time we have felt rushed....simple as that.

After each trip I promised that I wouldn't return, but always felt: I bet if we just go in and get a pizza and a beer or glass of wine it would be OK. (I do like their guancale and truffle pizza) So, we went last night at around 6:30 and got a table for 2 (right behind the hostess station and coat check) We ordered the mixed vegetable appetizer, I got a beer and my wife a Prosecco. We were still eating the veggies and as I looked up, the bus boy was hovering a few feet away with our entrees....the pizza and the octopus salad. Of course our entrees wouldn't fit on the small table with the appetizer, so we had that removed.

Side note....when my wife ordered the octopus (which was just OK) the waitress told her that the portion was small and asked if she would like something else. We found that with the mixed veggies, the pizza and the octopus that we had too much food!!

And although they have a nice small choice of draft beers, I was finishing my first glass with the appetizer. I ordered another before my pizza came. It took about 15 minutes for me to get the second and I was mostly done eating the pizza.

So....all in all: never going back. And I live in PC...and could walk there! Sorry!

Tarry Lodge
18 Mill St, Port Chester, NY 10573

Buffalo Wing Tour 2011 (westchester/putnam)

J.T. Straw's in Port Chester. Great Hot Garlic wings in addition to the usual wings!

JT Straw's Bar & Grill in Port Chester

Yes...try the pizza!! Authentic wood fired oven. I met the owner on my first visit...couldn't be nicer...and he told me that he had the same oven used by Mario Batali at the Tarry Lodge! However, there is NO pompous attitude at J.T. Straw's! Great pizza, beer and pool. I only wish that they had a few more micro-brews on tap. Other than to try the pizza!