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Korean BBQ with real charcoal?

Owl of Minerva and Ogle Bogle on Yonge (South of finch) do charcoal BBQ in the summers outside on their back patio.
You might want to call if they are setup or not..

Lunch in Ottawa (near Parlement Hill)

you're not going to find many suggestions from here.. try

As for new restos near parliament that has some hype..
Bier Market (on sparks). the same chain as in toronto.
Clover - they have odd hours
North and Navy
Beckta - reopend in a new location
i've personally only eaten at Bier Mkt.

not so new, not as expensive, and not so busy
Bacon Factory - its a burger place.
the new food court at the mall.

There are a bunch of food trucks and most are downtown

im in ottawa for work but i typically go to my usual places...

if you can provide more idea of what you're looking for and what you consider "near parliament" i can make some suggestions..

high chairs for toddlers?

yes and no. yes, she can sit by herself in a regular chair especially when she's watching cartoons on a phone/tablet.
But if you expect her to sit on her own and feed herself, one can only be entertained for so long having the table at eye level when all the action is happening on the table.

typically my wife is sitting beside her or we are on a bench in which case she'll be feeding her. otherwise, she gets restless.

May 12, 2015
g5spark in France

Wedding venue help please

I cant' comment on the places you've mentioned above but I have been to a wedding at the park hyatt in addition to having ours there..

the food was great both times. Actually 1 of the reasons we had ours there was because the food was good.

Both were over 5 yrs ago, so I can't comment on if things are still as good.

Eating in Paris with a young toddler

here was my experience over the winter..

I can't comment on the restos you indicated since ive never been. I can only tell you that most of the restos were small and had limited space/high chairs.

May 12, 2015
g5spark in France

2015 Food Events

fb shows Wed, May 13, not 14. And it shows 11am, not 2pm.

I guess if you are interested, you should definitely phone to confirm date/time.

high chairs for toddlers?

i just wanted to give an update from my trip for ppl with toddlers based on our dining choices..

The most toddler friendly resto in paris, is.. drum roll.. mcDonalds. haha. no probs wheeling a stroller and they had high chairs. to my 3 yr old daughter, the happy meal was comfort food that made her happy and would allow us to eat in peace elsewhere. We'd usually just get a coffee (since its probably the cheapest place in town for a coffee with milk) and a tarte/pastry/etc..

here's where we dined "in" and how our experience relates to toddlers..

le relais de venise for steak frites (we stayed in the 16e). - no high chairs, no space to store a fold up stroller (i kinda expected that so we walked over sans stoller). in fact, my daughter had to sit on my wife's lap during dinner.. i think basically they did this since every seat is a fixed price meal and there is always a lineup out the door..

l'as du falafel - we ate here 2x. 1x for takeout and 1x inside. we wheeled our stoller in as she napped, and we sat near a coat rack in the middle of the restaurant. we parked the stroller there and she was an arm's distance away.

l'avant comptoir - my wife was dying to eat here since we had zero luck dining next door the last time we were in paris. surprisingly they were very good.. my daughter sat on the counter opposite the bar and the barmen were great. this definitely was our best meal of the trip. definitely no space for a stroller and no high chairs (but then there are no chairs for adults even).

les fondus de la raclette - no high chair and not much space to wheel a stroller inside. we folded it up and left it at the front door.

inventions at disney - we had to leave our stroller in the front but they did have high chairs.

paul bakery (various locations) - no high chairs or boosters. if we ate "in", we'd usually try to locate ourselves away from a path. no high chairs.

the food court at the carrousel de louvre. we basically wheeled our stroller beside our table (some seats are a little more tighter than others), no high chairs.

so in general, id say none or very few (since i didnt find one) had high chairs and in most cases you'd have to fold up your stroller and leave it at the front.. ie. umbrella strollers size only.. bugaboos and uppa babies even when folded take a big footprint.

On a side note for parents thinking of coming to paris with a stroller.. though the metro has more elevators and escalators now than the last time i went 2009, there are still lots of steps and you're going to be schlepping that thing up and down like crazy. i found porte maillot to be the worst offender.
Also you can pretty much forget rolling that thing into the train especially in the mornings when ppl are going to work or home. i usually folded it up and stand and my wife would carry our daughter between stops.

Help us plan our Paris trip food-wise

Au Pied du Cochon in montreal is unrelated and serves very different food to the APC in paris. APC in paris is just a brasserie.

I read there is a Schwartz deli in paris but it too is unrelated to the schwartz in montreal. The paris version does sell pastrami sandwiches but not smoked meat sandiwches.

Jan 28, 2015
g5spark in France

high chairs for toddlers?

we will be going to paris with a 3 yr old. I am wondering if some/any bistros will have high chairs/booster seats? is it very uncommon?

Also wondering about strollers? ours is umbrella one that folds up.. do people bring them in? leave outside?

Jan 12, 2015
g5spark in France

granite club wedding?

i went to a wedding at the granite club about 6 yrs ago. it was pretty nice. I can't compare to a ritz or four seasons wedding though, since ive never been. Ours was at the park hyatt and it was fantastic. Id say it was better than the granite but I may be biased.

My friend who had her wedding there was not a member nor did she ever become one so I don't think its a requirement.

Don't you have to be referred/sponsored to become a member?

Ottawa - foodie itinerary

im usually in ott 4 days/wk for work and so i've been to most of the restos listed but i dont see my current favourite. Fraser Cafe (especially Table 40 on mondays).

As for the other choices, lately im a frequently at Union 613.
Murrary/Play/Whalesbone/Navarra they are good, have great reviews but none are memorable to me. imho. though there is no good tapas in toronto anymore.

if you got wheels theres some great restos on the QC side, fougere, wakefield inn.

Where to eat in Ottawa?

Tacos at Sidedoor during happy hour. The chef is on this season's top chef canda. Its 9$ during reg hours, 6$ during hh. I dont think they're worth 9$. Think gourmet tacos like what you see on Eat St.

Smoqueshack in the market for southern bbq. Better than fatboys which also just opened in the mkt.

Whalesbone for oysters on bank.

But if you got wheels, id go to the quebec side. I really like the resto at the wakefield inn and the lac leamy hilton, or fougere but not cheap.

I also like the burgers at chez lucien in the mkt. 10$ for a burger and side.

Good quality cast iron frying pan

Last week canadian tire had kitchen aid ones for 19$ (10") and 29$ (12"). I picked one up awhile ago at that pirce and its great. Cast iron puts a nice crust on meats that non stick just cant. it can also go easily from stove top to oven broil (my non stick has a max of 400 degrees). Make sure you season after use (and it'll become non stick over time like a wok) and dont leave it soaking in water, as it'll start to corrode (says my wife)

Looking for a Russian restaurant

Moscow Sauna Club at finch+dufferin.
Been there once 7 years ago. Half resto, half sauna.
We went because my russian coworker was visiting from miami and there were no russian restos there. He said it was authentic cause of the bread and the kvass.

Lunch/Dinner Recommendations - Ottawa

Try zen kitchen on somerset for vegetarian.
Otherwise there are vegetarian chinese restos

Ottawa Chinese Food???

Value picks
jadeland on somerset. The set menus are a good deal.
Chu sing has a snack menu. Great if you are eating alone and want a variety. Dishes are 4-8$.
Chu sing is across the street from yangtze and upstairs on somerset

La Societe

Steak frites was great and on the prix fixe. The duck confit was disappointing.
The raw seafood tower was great but not cheap. I believe they have 2 sizes

Fun, upscale restaurant in Ottawa for a celebratory dinner

Sorry i thought you meant milagros in toronto not ott

Fun, upscale restaurant in Ottawa for a celebratory dinner

Empire, blue catus, stella are all very similar. nice senery, ok food.
Hys is a upscale chain like ruth chris. If you been to one before youve been to all.
Big easy is cajun similar to big daddys on elgin.

Heres my suggestions
1. Steak - al's steakhouse on elgin
2. Atelier - molecular gastronomy. Ive never been. I believe its 75 pp for a set meal. Id guess you'll leave hungry.
3. Agave in westboro for mexican. Not as nice or authentic as milagro but better than chi chis
4. Gastropub in westboro or Domus in the mkt. Both are local meats and veg

85 Murray St, Ottawa, ON K1N5M5, CA

Heading to Ottawa this weekend ..... Where should I go?

The italian area is called preston street. its on preston between somerset and 417.

Heading to Ottawa this weekend ..... Where should I go?

I believe the chef from sweetgrass opened up a new resto in the mkt called smoqueshack. Its a bbq place and the prices are good.

Restaurant in Ottawa for 6 on a Sunday night

id say comparable prices..

Restaurant in Ottawa for 6 on a Sunday night

Here's my suggestions all walking distance and closer than the market.

1. Japanese - Sushia. nice basement. Best jap in ott.
2. Italian - Farinas (on elgin). If you want history, goto Momma Theresa (though i dont think their food is good but all the politians go there)
3. Steak - Al's Steakhouse (on elgin). might be higher than ur budget but they do have a ribeye w fixings for 28$.
4. 222 Lyon - for tapas. not as nice as meze or play but cheaper.
5. Coriander Thai - best thai in ott.. nothing special scenery-wise.

if you got wheels, goto westboro OR across the river to the QC side..

222 Lyon
222 Lyon St N, Ottawa, ON K1R5V9, CA

Wedding venue input - Canoe/Park Hyatt/RCM

Good luck. Looks like the website has changed a bit but i did find this..

For more information and to book your event, contact Kristin Campbell at or at 416.408.2824 x591. Performers, dates, and other details are subject to change.

Wedding venue input - Canoe/Park Hyatt/RCM

I too looked at canoe, ph and rcm and ended up at the park hyatt at the rooftop ballrom. Food was great, the view was amazing. I dealt with roberta who was very helpful and very responsive.
We had < 100 ppl and it was very intimate. You should be able to fit 120 and still have a dance floor but id say at least 1 of those tables is going to have a crappy sightline to the head table.
The ballroom on the mainfloor will hold 200-400+ ppl depending on how many walls they remove.

Here's what i know about the other choices:
Canoe - you're going to be able to fit 140 seated with no dancing or 110 with dancing. The floor plan is like an L shape. there is a food minimum that is dependent on day. Sat being the most $$$. there is no bar plan, all drinks are charged by consumption.

RCM - i really liked the space and i had seen photos of another wedding there so i knew they did wedding but unfornately i could not get anyone there to return my calls or answer my questions. I got married nov 2010. All I could get is a pdf that i downloaded from their website.
I know they have a couple of rooms/terraces but their best room is the biggest and most expensive and is intended for 200+. the space may seem too big for 120? 120 will fit on the 2nd level terrace.

My question to you is: how much work/customization do you want? If you pick canoe or ph or any other resto/hotel, then you pick your menu. You can upgrade the linens, etc if you want but tables/chairs are what you'd normally get during regular dinner service. If you pick rcm then you have to pick your tables, chairs, forks, plates, knives, linens and everything else.

Toronto Wedding Venue Help!

I believe a restaurant is cheaper than renting a venue. When i looked into having it at a venue (TBG and Gardiner Museum) and doing catering. I thought it was affordable based on the food prices+room rental. But i didn't realize that it didn't include chairs, tables, cutlery, nor did it include server fees, after hours security, etc.. By the time we added it all up, it cost more than having it at restaurant.

We ended up at the Park Hyatt, which may fit your billing for 1920s since it is very Art Deco. They had packages but we ended up picking our menu which was cheaper. We only paid the food prices + tax + tip. They do have a open bar package if your friends are big drinkers. We didnt have to worry about heritage/landmark fees, room rentals, server charges, the no# of forks on a table, linens, security, etc since it was built into the food prices.

Park Hyatt
Toronto, ON, Toronto, ON , CA

Wedding cake recommendations? TORONTO

We did a macaron tree for our wedding cake from dolci di Annie. She works out of her house but she makes some great cakes..

Gluten Free dining in the GTA

Just found out that joey's at the shops on don mills has a gluten free menu.

Good Eats at Blue Mountain? (Collingwood)

Try the alphorn.. large portions for schnitzel, bratwurst, etc..