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Most Overrated Restaurants of Orlando?

Ooo. Hope I don't come off as too negative. The places I note below are good, but over hyped:

Papa Gios in Avalon Park gets my first vote for most overrated. I've seen numerous people recommending others to drive out of their way to visit this place and try their pizza. I found it average at best on all three occasions I went. I kept hoping a different recipe or style would finally do the trick.

Taverna Opa gets my second vote. A great atmosphere hasn't overcome the average Greek food I've experienced there yet. Saganaki = crusty cheese apparently.

I'll third the vote for Five Guys. The food is good, but I can go to Chilis and get a full sit-down meal of higher quality and quantity for $5.99.

Jul 21, 2010
UFGatorGuy20 in Florida

Best sushi in Orlando?

That's true... a lot of their sushi wraps are rather sweet. I think it's an amazing contrast though when you dip into soy sauce. Then you get the heat from the sriracha sauce! :-)

Jul 01, 2010
UFGatorGuy20 in Florida

Best sushi in Orlando?

I'm stunned by all the "average" ratings against Amura. I've tried sushi at numerous places all over the Orlando area (Including Bento Cafe... which amazingly some people are wetting themselves over... Bento Cafe is on par with Publix sushi) and Amura has won me over... by far. I don't go anywhere else. Their Tokyo roll (eel, tempura crunch, honey, sriracha sauce) blows my mind. Their rolls-royce roll is stacked like a cake and is a must try. Tango Mango, Ninja Crispy Tuna Dish, Godzilla roll, Bubba roll. My stomach gets butterflies on my way to Amura because of how excited I get about their sushi! :-) Please, take a chance with some high class sushi and order a quality roll at Amura!

Jun 30, 2010
UFGatorGuy20 in Florida