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Donuts (Calgary)

Although they only make one type, Mercato's donuts are fantastic.

Where to find soft pretzels in Calgary?

The pretzels at Edelweiss have been soggy every time that I’ve tried them. The same goes for the pretzel buns at Rustic. Both lack the requisite combination of crispness and meatiness.

However, I think both Edelweiss/Gunther’s pretzels and Rustic pretzel buns are the best of what’s available here.

The BottleHouse Beer Parlour - Calgary (Kensington)

I’m disappointed by the beer menu. Only one representative from Germany! I do not understand why so many places here only offer Becks. It’s terrible beer! (when compared to some of the other beers produced in Germany) They need to expand their menu!

Also, the prices are astronomically high, as others have said.


Bakeries in Calgary?

Many thanks for your greeting! (Vielen dank für Ihre Begrüßung!)

german groceries calgary

Spreadable butterkäse? Do you mean Schmelzkäse (The foil-wrapped wedges)?

Edelweiss used to sell Bayernland brand ones from Nürnberg, but has since switched to an inferior brand (Gourmet Gallery).

Bakeries in Calgary?

Gunther's in forest lawn: 4306 - 17th Avenue S.E. - It's a bit out of the way, but well worth the trip.

The Kaisersemmeln (kaiser buns) are the best in the city and the selection of heavy, dark breads is outstanding. Also worth mentioning are the Mohn-Kipferl (poppy seed filled, crescent shaped pastry).