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ISO tasty gluten free cookies

There is a relatively new shop on Avenue just south of the 401 called Good Bye Gluten. They bake their own goodies plus have a lot of retail brands too. Its right across from Brunos.

Gourmet Food Gift Ideas?

Was thinking about a serving bowl that I could pair with a dip or a platter that I could pair with wine/cheese/compote or antipasto.

Jun 23, 2012
mangolassi in Manhattan

Best fish tacos?

Thanks for the tips and defense :) - Didn't know that asking about a simple fish taco would create any drama.

Jun 23, 2012
mangolassi in Outer Boroughs

Gourmet Food Gift Ideas?

I was at Dean and Deluca today looking for a food gift. Any other suggestions for retail outlets to try?Like the idea of combining some tableware and a goodie - but not your typical food basket.
Staying in Brooklyn - so open to suggestions there, or farmers markets etc.

Jun 22, 2012
mangolassi in Manhattan

Best fish tacos?

I will be visiting from Toronto and staying with a friend in Park Slope. One thing I always seek out in the US is fish tacos (Although nothing has come close to the taco truck in Kauai!).
Anyhow would appreciate any local recs - or in Manhattan for that matter. Thanks!

Jun 19, 2012
mangolassi in Outer Boroughs

VitaMix Blender, is it worth it?

I have had mine for 13 years - use it all the time - and love it!

Apr 16, 2011
mangolassi in Cookware

Monday dinner: Kensington Market, or College / Spadina / Bathurst / Harbord

Sidecar on College has a very reasonable prix fix menu
LOVe Foxley on Ossington
Cheap n' Cheerful with lots of veggie options is Utopia on College
Marinella on College has great pasta

Bar Italia has nice simple food and although I haven't been to Supermarket in a while - have always had good food there (and great prices!)

207 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J2Z8, CA

640 College St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

Bar Italia
582 College St., Toronto, ON M6G 1B3, CA

Toronto Wedding Venue Help!

So glad that you chose Spadina House. I think that it's a beautiful spot for a ceremony ( and pictures too). We had a vintage car for the day (1950's - but would have been hard to get a 1920's!) - courtesy of my Uncle. So many of my friends really loved it- and even though most were born and raised in T.O.- thought that is was so original.
Best of luck with your wedding!

Healthy Bakery?

I recently went to Bunners in the Junction - which is vegan and gluten free. (and awesome!)
Any other great bakeries out there with a health conscious bent? I am always looking for healthier options for my 2 year old....

great salads in TO

If you like to build your own salad (for the control freak in us all) try Urban Herbivore in Kensington Market.

Urban Herbivore
64 Oxford St, Toronto, ON M5T1P1, CA

ISO reasonably priced bakery for a large wholesale order

I want to order a large quantity of bars, muffins and cookies for an upcoming event. Any suggestions for a place that is not too chi chi or pricey? Prefer midtown- but open to all central areas. Thanks.

Michy's with a toddler? Thoughts?

We have a reservation for Michy's on a Monday night at 6:30 over the Xmas holidays. there will be a 2 year old girl with us. My mother in law who spends winters in Miami assures me that most restaurants are open to young children - especially over the holidays. I thought to book at a more family friendly Italian place (but it is for a special birthday). Would like to know the thoughts of the locals...

6927 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33138

Independent Health Food Stores / Farmers Markets in North Miami?

I will be visiting over the Christmas holidays and looking to buy organic food and produce - ideally not at Wholefoods! Any local independent shops or markets of note. I am staying in Sunny Isles. Thanks!

Culinary boot camp?


I am fairly comfortable in the kitchen - but want to take things up a notch. A lot of cooking classes seem too basic.
I know that George Brown is an option - but has any one had experience with the 8 series non-professional course at Elliot House? They claim that they take the best bits out of their professional training and have you cooking like a pro.
This is essentially what I am looking any feedback or other suggestions are appreciated.

Noir, new coffee place at St. Clair and Christie -- great coffee, gorgeous interior

I go to Noir all the time now. I agree that we locals need to support independent establishments.
It's great for me as I tie the dog up outside (there is a water bowl for him) - and take my baby in with the stroller. It is very baby friendly!
I love that they use fair trade organic beans - and it is very nice inside!

Quinoa in Toronto

I was also going to mention Costco - 4 large bags at the cost of one small one at the health food store.
Another option is starting a co-op an ONFC (Ontario Natural Food Co-op). You need 5 members in a collective group to join and you get your health food products at cost.

As for pasta- there is also a Salba pasta available that is quite dense and highly nutritious. I get mine at Fiesta Farms.

Fiesta Farms
200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

Great coffee in Toronto's west end

Check out The Bell Jar at Dundas and Howard Park. Just opened in the spring.
Great coffee and fresh sandwiches. Very kid friendly too....

New Restaurant on St. Clair Disappoints!

I totally agree with you.
2 new places are opening at Atlas- Italian and a coffee spot. On a good note - Noir Coffee is a great addition near Christie.

Is Vannis on St Clair West officially RIP?

I think it just re-opened this week

New Restaurant on St. Clair Disappoints!

I live near by and can tell you that this place is never busy!

Best comfort food cooked by a grandmother or multi-generational family

Thanks Underdog Rally for the inspiration as I am back on the board after a hiatus (aka. mat leave).
I will start with my suggestion: Tacos El Asador (Bloor and Clinton)
El Salvadorean, yummy, cheap and cheerful. 3 generations work there. Used to live right around the corner and totally miss it!

Tacos El Asador
690 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L2, CA

Best comfort food cooked by a grandmother or multi-generational family

I read this on the Bourdain discussion and thought it would make a great thread:

"I would really love to see Bourdain cover Toronto's food scene for what I think is our strongest asset: Hundreds (thousands?) of grandmothers from all over the world cooking simple dishes, and passing on a love of food to the next generation. There aren't a lot of cities in the world where you can taste the "signature" comfort dish from dozens of cultures all in one weekend."

As I mentioned in that link, my little girl is 19 months, and digging all kinds of diverse food. I would love her to experience the cooking of not just 2 - but 1000's of grandmothers!

Where should Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations) go while in Toronto?

I love this idea as a thread. My little girl is19 months and I want her to be exposed to all the great comfort dishes from around the globe. We only have 2 Grandma's - so how awesome to enjoy the cooking of 1000's of others....

Toronto Wedding Venue Help!

We got married outdoors at Spadina House (cocktail reception) - then a kickin party at my friends nightclub. Was sort of the best of all worlds. Spadina House is next to Casa Loma, very retro and affordable.