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Top Round Roast Beef

Love the place. Been there twice. I like the plain roast beef with an order of the dirty fries , and then i proceed to top the sandwich with some ofthe gravy, provel, and camelized onion from the fries. Love the Pistachio shakes, and the frozen custard on the whole is off the hook. my fave combination so far is the small frozen custard with cherries and chocolate sauce added to make a concrete. I like the soda machine with100 different soda flavors. the condiments bar remind me of Arbys with their own verions of Round sauce = arbys sauce Horseradish cream =Horsey sauce. Well worth stopping by before this becomes the "IT" place that becomes a celebrity haunt or impossible to get into with huge lines. To me the Dirty Fries are a meal in itself, about equal to ordering InAnOut fries Animal style

Jul 08, 2013
LAKingman in Los Angeles Area

Best pickles

Doesnt Bubbies make a pickled Tomatoes in a jar also. I have had them if so, they are yummy

Oct 17, 2009
LAKingman in Los Angeles Area

Tubs Chilli in Culver City!

Anyone try this place yet, its been open since April or may on the west side in culver city. For chilliheads this beat the drive over the hill to Chillimysoul.

I had the steaktown chilli in a nice bread covered bowl for $5, excellent price an excellent chilli. I got samples of the 6 other chillis they have and they all rock. The menu is simple with all the chilis covered for taste, 1 steak, 1 ground meat, 1 ground turkey, 1 chicken, 1 veggie,1 patrons choice recipe chilli per month. A must side order is the Buffalo chips, which are golden fried potato slices w/ ranch dipping sauce. They remind me much of skakeys pizza mojo potatoes only more crispy. I ilke that the chillis all are made for the taste and have little or mild heat. If you want the heat they have a bottle hot sauce oil which will light up any of the chillis you order.

Jul 29, 2009
LAKingman in Los Angeles Area