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Best chili in the Twin Cities?

What is your favorite chili in the Twin Cities, and why do you like it? I do like the chili at the Loon, but would like to know what others are good.

The Best of Nordeast Minneapolis

My husband and I are huge Butcher Block fans too. Authentic Italian food is hard to come by and we love it there.

Best lunch places- anywhere in Twin Cities

I'm going for a birthday lunch with my family on a Tuesday in June and am looking for suggestions, it can be anywhere in the Twin Cities or suburbs.

What should we order at Borough?

Thanks to all for your suggestions. We went with a big group and got to try many of the items you recommended. Our favorites were the scallops, pork belly, cauliflower, octopus, pasta, and chocolate dessert.

Another stand-out item was the sturgeon. Nobody below mentioned trying this, and I thought I'd mention how good it was in case anybody else reads this post and is looking for suggestions.

In all, we did not have a bad dish. I look forward to returning.

Kramarczuk's Earns James Beard Award

Congratulations Kramarczuk's. Well deserved, we love you.

What should we order at Borough?

We're going to Borough this weekend and are looking for recommendations on what to order. Please show your favorites (or your not-so-favorites).

Where to get Corned Beef?

We have had this a few times and greatly prefer it over the corned beef carried at Cub or Rainbow. It's very expensive so we always wait for it to go on sale, which it always does a week or two before 3/17.

Where can I buy soft ladyfingers in Twin Cities?

I'm making tiramisu for Christmas Eve, does anybody know where I can buy the soft ladyfinger cookies in the Twin Cities?

I know of several places that have the harder ones, and prefer to get soft ones instead. TIA!

Beef Wellington, anyone?

Mission American Kitchen has it! We were there on 2/11/12, and the server recommended it. I didn't try it as I opted for a lighter dish, but it sounded wonderful.

Can anybody confirm rumor- Dayton's son's restaurant?

More information on this restaurant is emerging:

...they also have a Facebook page, and are listed on Open Table but are not taking reservations yet.

Can anybody confirm rumor- Dayton's son's restaurant?

Yes, it's at 1st St. North & 2nd Ave. Major construction going on right now, with the entire 2-story building surrounded by scaffolding and plastic. The street in front also has a lane closed for what appears to be utility work related to the project.

The building was formerly owned by an eccentric old man and full of junk, so they obviously have a lot of work to do to get it ready for anything.

It's across the street and down the block from the former Trocaderos space.

107 3rd Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Can anybody confirm rumor- Dayton's son's restaurant?

do you have any more details? What kind of restaurant, and when might it be opening?

Can anybody confirm rumor- Dayton's son's restaurant?

We live on 1st St. North in the warehouse district in Minneapolis, and there's an older building a couple blocks up that is undergoing serious renovation. Rumor has it that Mark Dayton's son purchased it and is planning on opening a restaurant there. Has anybody else heard anything about this? Just curious...

Recommendations for French, Italian, Spanish meals

Pierre's near 50th/Penn is also another option for French.

1/2 price wine nights?

Anybody know of restaurants that have 1/2 price wine (or other good wine deals) on Sunday nights?

I've been Googling, trying to find a list, but the only results I'm finding are really old.


NY style pizza?

Thanks! This place is in our neighborhood, but I have never been and didn't know it's like NY style.

NY style pizza?

Thanks, my husband is from NJ too, and turned me on to the NY/NJ style. I'm sure he'll appreciate your opinion, thanks!

NY style pizza?

Thanks, that is an AWESOME link! I don't even know if I have to read the entries, the pictures themselves tell a good story.

NY style pizza?

Anybody have recommendations for NY style pizza in the Twin Cities?

Twins Stadium Food?

Reporting back...went to the Twins game last night and got the Murray's Steak Sandwich. Loved it! Had nice spices on the beef, and cooked perfectly. Also, no long wait whatsoever! My husband bought one at the counter near Section 221 about 20 minutes prior to the game, and he had his sandwich in 2 minutes after he ordered it. I got mine about 5 minutes before the game at the same place, and it was ready right when I ordered it.

Later in the game, my husband got a sausage from Kramarkzuks, no waiting then either. I wonder if the long waits were when the stadium first opened, and if they are doing better now that they know how to gauge demand?

Anyways, thanks all for the recommendations!!

(MSP) Best buffalo wings?

Maxwell's, near the metrodome in DT Minneapolis, are by far my favorite and I'm a Buffalo Wing fanatic. They consistently have just the right amount of crispness and sauce. I'd give McCormick and Schmick DT Minneapolis and Rock Bottom Brewery an honorable mention.

I'm not as big of a fan of Runyon's wings, only because the preparation has been inconsistent in my experience. Sometimes they aren't crispy and have too much sauce, other times they are just right.

Twins Stadium Food?

Thanks, everybody!

Best food at Twins stadium?

We're going to our first Twins game in the new stadium this week, and would like to hear what you recommend (or recommend avoiding :-)). We're not much for hot dogs, but are open to most anything else.