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The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

I'm about 1.5 hrs west of Ottawa (Pembroke) and going tomorrow to stock up on frozen appetizers for a going away party I'm hosting for two military guy friends who are posted to Gagetown (and leaving their wives and kids behind as their houses aren't selling here).

For simplicity, and attempting to retain my sanity, I'm buying only/mostly prepared appetizers and snacks, hoping to have all finger food to avoid utensils.

There will be about 35 people there, 20-25 adults and the rest children ages 2 to 14.

I'm ordering a cake from Costco, I haven't decided if I want "X and X, you're dead to us now!" OR "It's okay X and X, we will take GOOOOOD care of your wives while you're away. From Dave, Bill, John, Peter, Mark, Jeremy, Josh, Tim, Trevor, Greg, (etc.. all male names)". (Which one is more funny?)

I'm hoping to get suggestions on what appetizers to buy from Costco. Taste is the top consideration, and keeping in mind most of the guys attending will be beer guzzling military type, so I'm thinking TGIF's potato skins and other similar snacks will go over well. And some appetizers for the kids - veggie trays for both kids and adults, punch, etc.

If you think of anything Costco has that is either prepackaged, frozen or dead easy to make, please let me know. Thank you!

OTTAWA: Where to buy larger jars of rolled cabbage?

We live outside Ottawa (Pembroke area) and the local store who sells jars of rolled cabbage doubled the price so I'm hoping to find a store in Ottawa.

We go to Ottawa often enough for appointments, so I'm hoping to find a decent deal there. Does anyone know of a local (prefer Kanata or west Ottawa area as that's closer to us) grocer who carries jars of cabbage for a good price?

Thank you.

OTTAWA: Raw Cashews in Bulk?

Looking to buy raw (as opposed to roasted), unsalted cashews in larger quantities (5 kg or more) in or near Ottawa (we live in Petawawa). Locally Bulk Barn has them for $10.55/lb, hoping to buy for less in bulk.

Any one purchase raw cashews in Ottawa for a better price?

"Healthy" bulk dried cheese powder?

I'm looking for a healthy version of the typical KD powdered cheese, preferably without the added dyes and MSG etc.

Barry's Bay, Frontier and King Arther Flours all have one but I can't find a supplier in Canada. I'd like to order online so it's delivered to my house and avoid duty and excess shipping charges if possible.

Any suggestions for Canadian suppliers?

Stuffed inside round called "London Broil"?

Thanks JungMann! I baked them in a casserole dish filled with tomato sauce and they turned out pretty good. Highly recommend the tomato sauce otherwise I think they would be a bit dry.

Jan 13, 2012
Shaynelle in Home Cooking

Stuffed inside round called "London Broil"?

My husband picked up these patty like things marked as a London Broil. They are inside round stuffed with a seasoned pork mixture, possibly sausage and sliced into steaks or patties if you will. I have no clue how to cook these and every reference online refers to the (briskit like) London Broil roast. Any suggestions? Maybe the meat was mis-marked as London Broil?

Jan 13, 2012
Shaynelle in Home Cooking

What is in this bottle? (Chinese liquor)

If you know, could you fill me in a bit about it please? One of our exchange students brought it over from China and since I don't read Chinese characters I haven't a clue how to drink the stuff....

Jul 23, 2011
Shaynelle in Spirits

Moving to Petawawa - help please!

Wow, this is pleasantly way more info than I expected! It's exciting to know there are possibilities for getting organic stuff delivered. (I drove for 22 yes but can't now due to medical reasons for those wondering - I can walk short distances and most days can cycle so I am hoping to make use of the trails I have heard about in Petawawa!).

Where is the farmers market held in Petawawa? I will be contacting the places/links provided, and amactually a bit excited to know there's at least a few options!

Thanks to all who replied!

Moving to Petawawa - help please!

Moving to Petawawa this summer. I don't drive and my husband hates grocery shopping. I understand there is very little shopping in the town... one grocery store and a few smaller stores. I am hoping to find an organic grocer who will deliver or even ship if need be fresh produce.

Does anyone have suggestions for us?