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My local poultry farm just started carrying 10-14 lb goose, rendered goose fat and fatty goose liver, need advice

I'm in the same boat - a local farmer is doing geese this year, in time for Christmas - and I've never cooked one before. I found this info:, which looks promising.

Good luck!

Oct 04, 2012
CBabb in Home Cooking

At what age should you let a child handle a kitchen knife to help with food prep? [moved from Home Cooking]]

I *heart* you both, J.Dish & rockycat! My six and a half year old DD has been using kitchen knives for probably a year now, no problemo. I occasionally have to remind her about (and help her with) rolling items like carrots and apples, but for the most part, she's quite capable on her own.

She really wants to learn how to use the oven and stove, but those will have to wait until she can lift filled pans on her own. I let her try it with a pot filled with tap water once - she couldn't get it up on the burner by herself. I asked her what might have happened if it had been boiling water instead. "Hmmmm...maybe I'm not ready yet." Of course, she's now "lifting weights" - filling the pot with increasing amounts of liquid to see how much she *can* lift by herself. :-) I give her another 12-15 months before she's cooking rice and veggies, and maybe two years for pasta...

Nov 21, 2011
CBabb in Not About Food

What did your Mom always have on hand, that you NEVER do?

Squeeze Parkay margarine. Oy!

Jun 29, 2010
CBabb in General Topics

How did your Mom make food ... "Kid Friendly?"

"We were just told 'this is dinner, you must at least try one bite before you say it is awful and reject it'."

Eeek. In our house, no one is allowed to say something is awful, unless the cook makes a comment first. That's just bad manners. :-)

I do encourage my 5-year-old daughter to try new things, but I'm fine with a "no, thank you" if she doesn't want to. For the most part, she will eat anything - she's a fan of artichokes, radishes, all sorts of vegetables (it helps that we have a big garden and she likes to pick peas and beans and herbs etc for dinner) and will almost always try new things. She even surprised us last summer by trying escargot - even after she knew it was snails! :-)

Jun 29, 2010
CBabb in Not About Food