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Lebonon bologna

They have a fancy version at the new Parts & Labor in Baltimore. I haven't really seen it much in DC proper.

SOS--indian burnout

I really like Tandoori Nights in Clarendon but I don't see it mentioned much on the boards so it may not be a general fave. Also love Bombay Club, and enjoy your aforementioned Delhi Club.

Has anyone tried Wasabi?

I feel the same way. I think it's good and fun, but I'm not picky about sushi. I also like some of their non sushi dishes.

Rehearsal Dinner near Crystal City

I'm guessing Jaleo is too "ethnic"? Though realistically it's going to be more than $15 a person.

What are the most overrated DC restaurants?

I'm sure there will be disagreement, but I ate recently at Atlantico (during RW by chance, no less) and had a great meal, as did all my companions. And I've eaten at minibar, too. I mean, the two restaurants are really apples and oranges except for a few additions on the Atlantico tasting/appetizer menu that are minibar-born. If you're worried about the risk, maybe try the pre-theater menu? Also have heard good things about the Latino Dim Sum. But I was very pleasantly surprised with how great my meal was there - really thoughtful balance of flavors and textures in each dish.

Japanese Okanomiyaki and Chawanmushi in DC/VA area?

I was going to say the same thing.

Equinox for Restaurant Week

Their menu is extremely seasonal so I would think that whatever was good in the past is likely not available right now.

I do know the chef is raising a special breed of cow for his restaurants, so I think anything with beef would be a good call. I'd just look towards the ingredients in summer you enjoy - for me, that'd be anything with tomato, etc.

I'm similarly curious how they are for restaurant week - I'm supposed to go there for lunch on Monday and I can report back!

Salad, seafood, and...stingy?

Thanks, guys. I ended up suggesting Wasabi, Hanks or Chef Geoff's and we're doing Wasabi.

Salad, seafood, and...stingy?

I've got a long-lost friend from high school who will be in town and wants to meet up for dinner in downtown DC (she's staying at Farragut).

Her requests - salad or seafood, but not expensive.

These parameters aren't bringing a lot to mind, at least in terms of places I like to take people to show off DC. Any ideas?

Mio--Any good?

I go there for happy hour a lot (the place is nearly always empty, which is a shame). They do really yummy specialty cocktails - prickly pear, blood orange margarita, etc. I've ordered off their small plates menu during happy hour, when each are $6- have had great meatballs, avocado won tons, shrimp, etc., which I think speaks well for what dinner would be like. Best dish ever on hh menu - burrata cone, so yum.


Great restaurant! I'm in the same boat as Steve; now in Arlington, miss it a lot.

Great Vietnamese Food...Great Price

I used to go here for lunch all the time when I worked in Springfield! Great Pho

Decent pizza stand-in for 2 Amys in Arlington?

I like Faccia Luna, too. Pizza Paradiso's sort of a compromise, distance-wise, between Arlington and Two Amys.


As a note for those wondering about variety - I ate there in January and it's the same menu save 4-5 dishes.

What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

LOVE Roasting House. The turkey and avocado is the best, and I enjoy their pasta salad side.

What is the WORST meal experience you've had in DC?

I love the food at Dukem but I'm with you on the service. Disappearing waitresses, broken glasses serving water, etc.

Beef stroganoff

I'm eager to see if you get any replies on this one.

Good Gnocci?

Piola used to have an all-you-can-eat gnocchi night once a month. Not my fave version of the dish, but you can't beat the quantity, hehe. And there were three different sauces you could choose from throughout the night.

Ollie's Trolley

I'm a fan when I want greasy near my office. The fries are really yummy - thin and crisp


I believe it took my boyfriend a month and a half of daily calling.

Decent wine in unexpected places

Curious if anyone in the DC area has any idea where you can get a decent glass of wine in somewhere you may not expect. Talking dive bars, Irish pubs, Chinese restaurants, breweries, etc. Thoughts?

Rosslyn lunch eats

I'll throw in my vote for Piola and Cafe Asia as well, and add Guajillo to the list.


Neighborhoods? Types of cuisine? Price range? You probably won't get much of a response unless you get a bit more specific.

Help for a DC Newbie

Jaleo in Crystal City might be a generally good option. There isn't too much directly near Kennedy Center (Circle Bistro? Notti Bianche?) but it's not far from Georgetown if you want to look in that direction.

Birthday Dinner Ideas?

I'm with ktmoomau - I really don't think a private room is feasible given your financial and #s constraints (they're just not going to give 7 people a whole room, period). I also think Sette Bello and Tallula kind of fit your theme of stylish, fun, attention to food, but not too pricey. I had a great birthday dinner for 10-12 at Sette Bello - we practically felt like we had a room b/c they gave us a great big table in back b/c it was less crowded, and the price is very affordable. It seems a bit harsh just to write off the whole area of Clarendon, but hey, it's your bday. Tallula is on a side street so it is not part of the hustle of Clarendon proper.

Mendocino Grille is a small restaurant so you could feel intimate in that sense. I'm not sure if it's too pricey for your group. But it's classy, Georgetown, and has an emphasis on local ingredients. Tallula and Sette are more casual than this.


I went in January and thought it was amazing. You need to be adventurous - very little meat beyond fish, unfamiliar ingredients, etc. But I thought the experience was so much fun and so unique, and liked almost every dish. It's probably the most memorable meal I've ever had.

Jose Andres's Restaurants

Oyamel's regular bar is packed - the ceviche bar though only seats a few and might be better for a date.

Jose Andres's Restaurants

Did you try calling? I've seen Oyamel booked on OpenTable and then called and had no problem. That would definitely have my vote over Zaytinya.

Italian or steak dinner in nova

As said, with their reservations policy, Ray's is probably not the way to go. I had my bday dinner at Sette Bello a couple years ago and they were great with a large party, and the food is very nice (sometimes the portions are a little small if you're hearty eaters, but that's not across the board).

Best DC area restaurant

Minibar is definitely top 5