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NYE Dinner

Looking for something awesome for NYE (coming from Toronto and Paris).

Hotel Herman is closed which we were keen on.

Any recos?


Xmas party venue suggestion


- A cool place (non financial district place)
- ~80 people
- Good food (key)
- Dance floor

Place on the consideration list:

Soho House
Origin (Liberty Village)
Trinity Modern Tavern
The Libertine

Anyone have other good suggestions?


Any suggestions for a non-steak house that serves a good steak?

Buca does a fantastic Florentine style steak, highly recommended.

The Persian Palace - Richmond Hill

I've been a couple of times in the past year.

The kebab is probably the best in the city. I live downtown and once in a while I make the trek all the way for it.

The atmosphere is strange, it's not very busy due to the fact that most of their sales comes from events in the party room. The restaurant is almost secondary.

That being said, it's very clean, great service and fantastic food. If you go, try the Chengeh and Soltani, two best items on the menu.

ISO Curry ketchup

Just bought a bottle at Healthy Butcher.

The Healthy Butcher
565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

Wabora - Japanese restaurant at the Thompson Hotel

I went there because a friend was staying at the Thompson (so not by choice) and it was a 2.5/5 at best.

Don't get me wrong, the fish was fresh, but that's about the only thing they had to offer. Their specialty dishes were covered in layers of various sauces that just took away from the finesse that defines Japanese cuisine. The service was horrible and the place is filled with mostly tourist, so it has a strange vibe. Decor is relatively cheesy as well.

Gourmand adventure - Toronto style

Caplanky's i second.
Pho Hung (it's very Toronto)
Gastronomic-walking Tour of Kensigton Market (Empanadas, Tacos, Cupcakes, Pies, etc)
Pomegranate on college
Hoof (cafe for brunch, black for late dinner/drinks)
Gourmet night of drinking and eating on ossignton (Libretto for Pizza, Union for Ontario spin on things)
One of our many burger fav is harbord room with oyster (ok not really a burger bar)
I would say highway 7 endavour but she gets plenty of good chinese food in vanvouver probably.

desserts/drinks around bloor and avenue

what's the occasion? price range? time of day? what kind of drinks (alcohol?)?

For actual decent quality, Wholefoods and Pusateri's both carry yummy stuff, but not the best ambiance or alcoholic drinks.

If it's before 6 PM, try Pain Quotidien for really nice desert. Their hot chocolate is one of the best in the city.

If it's later in the day, the Four Seasons cafe/bar is good, but over priced. Good experience none the less.

If you want cheap, Future's Cafe, not the best quality but has a nice vibe in there, sort of.

Recommendations for good food and live music?

waterfall grill in kensigton does jazz on the weekend and pretty decent indian food

Delivery around Dundas & Ossington

^^asian legend delivers.

best Sunday brunch

school bakery cafe is pretty good for non egg items like crepes and such, has a nice vibe too and lovely drinks.

I like saving grace on dundas, it's pretty chill and some creative egg dishes. Musa use to be good, but it ain't what it use to be. I second La pallette as well, but for a cheaper alternative checkout Wanda's across the street.

Delivery around Dundas & Ossington

Sukhothai delivers for us to Bathurst and Dundas, but charges $3 on small orders. Totally worth it if you ask me.

Nadege Patisserie is Bad

Where do you buy local saucisson?

Gilead Cafe serving dinner in new year


The Grindhouse on King Street

I saw it and got excited, then I went to the website and I changed my mind. But now I'll give it a try, thanks for the heads up.

where to eat pasta in Toronto?

Although we have a large Italian diaspora, getting a good pasta dish is next to impossible in the city. Splendido does a nice papardele with rabbit and truffle, but it also cost $30. All other places I've tried, from Terroni to Zucca are disappointing.

Haven't had the pasta at Bucca, everything else there is good. Will go try today at lunch and report back.

Fresh oysters - retail, not resto

next to Wood Oven Grill on the south side. 195 Baldwin I think since Wood Oven Grill is 197 Baldwin.

Fresh oysters - retail, not resto

you can also get it from the japanese fish place in kensigton market. He's actually go japanese oysters, they are more expensive than the other ones but really interesting taste.

Zelda's on Church....Closed?

good news for the drag queen fanatic community, bad news for food lovers.

Salsalita?! New Mexican? A sign of hope

opening very soon, sign up and everything.

Where to find the best seafood paella?

what about Casa Barcelona? I remember reading good reviews here a little while ago.

Casa Barcelona
2980 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X1B9, CA

Salsalita?! New Mexican? A sign of hope

We all know it is impossible to find decent Mexican in this city, I saw a sign in Kensigton market for Salsalita, a new Mexican. Given that two of the best Mexican places in the city are in Kensigton, and the high standard of general latino fare, I remain optimistic. Anyone have the scoop on this place?

the best Gyros in town

i second everything you say, top gyro place in town.

Black Hoof alternative?

Buca will do the job, a ton of cured meats and good drinks.

Splendido - what to order?

I went recently and had:
foie gras parfait: Highly recommend, it is lovely
pappardelle with black truffle: highly recommend, lovely!
Lobster Saffron: Very decent
Oysters done 3 ways, with passion fruit, wasabi and something else: totally bad, you could not taste the oysters as the toping flavours were too strong
Steak and frites: Was OK, better off going to cumbreas and making it yourself
Elk steak: really really nice with a good sauce, recommend as a main.

Persian take-out in Scarborough or nearby

As a Persian I can tell you Super Khorak folks are rude and the food and pastry is not that great. Only go there for groceries (i.e. good cheese, yoghurt, even veggies)

If you want pastries, in the Plaza south to Super Khorak there is a place called Paniz. It's quite good.

For food, if you want kebab there is Adel in the same plaza as Paniz and there is Iran which is two blocks north of Super Khorak on the same side. Both are very good and competitive.

If you want stews and such for take out, there is a place, I forget the name but just North of Steeles there is a plaza, they have much better quality and are not pricks.

Hope this helps.

Zelda's on Church....Closed?

I saw a sign on yonge south of bloor for Zelda's opening, not sure if it's the same Zeldas.

Mid range real sushi! (my top places all have deteriorated in quality)

I hate to start another sushi thread, but after doing a lot of search my finding are in conclusive for finding decent sushi that isn't super expensive.

I think the previous postings make it very clear, top sushi places are:

But this list isn't really helpful for the foodie weekly dose of sushi. I am strictly against Sushi on Bloor, New generation, etc (McSushi type places). I'm just not willing to put poor quality raw fish in my mouth.

So then we narrow it down to a few mid range high quality places:
Ematei-Decent for everything but sushi, sushi is just ok.
Japango-Was really good, not the same anymore
Daio-Was really good (my top place), but owner has change and slipped the past 2 times. I'm giving it one more try before giving up.

Any one have recos for mid range, downtown high quality sushi?


Buca opening soon?

I just got back from Lunch here, and it was fantastic. Solid 8.5/10, and probably the best italian reso in the city. It wasn't out of this world, it was just very good. A good long menu with all sorts of pizza, pasta, cold cuts, salads. Lovely portions of really neat italian dishes. Just to list a few (in their english names):

fritta with lardo
Fig and some italian green salad I am was not famalier with (like Mache)
Zuchini flower fried
Green tomato breaded and fried
lamb skewers
pizza (not wood oven, but very nice)
Lovely home made sausage on croustini
Home made Gelati (3 kinds)
Baba (like Baba rum)
Good cheeses and cold cuts. mostly home cured

The ambiance is really nice and the space is just beautiful.

Glad to have a lovely addition to our city and I hope they keep up the quality. Even the vinegar is home made!

Toronto's best grocery stores

It's always tricky finding good places in various neighborhoods. I've made a map for myself, but would love to hear your thoughts on what good places exits. The places on the list have good quality, artisanal, organic, etc. Some are cheap, others expensive. Let me know your fav shop.