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Morgantown, WV

No where to eat in Morgantown?

Did you try Yama? It's like being magically transported to Tokyo.

Richwood Grill? Simply amazing infusion of Appalachian flavors with global technique.

Maxwells? I can't go very long without a spinach melt. In my opinion the worlds best sandwich.

You're missing out by looking only to the big names.

Oh and the Italian place in the strip mall by the hospitals is Puglionis. Yes they are fabulous, their pine nut salad dressing is one of my all time favorites (up there with Yama's ginger salad dressing). Home made bread smothered in garlic butter.

The Indian Place, cafe of India has moved again but I agree they are wonderful. I love their Mango Lasi and their hospitality and food are outstanding.

Yama Restaurant
328 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180

Jun 27, 2010
dawnjo13 in Mid-Atlantic

Cleveland hound heading to Falling Water

Best eats in Fayette County is at Apple Annies in Point Marion. So very much out of your way but very worth it. Huge desserts, lovely local flavor & quality food. But if you want really good food in this region your best bet is to visit Morgantown, WV.

Apple Annie's
28 Church St, Point Marion, PA 15474

Jun 27, 2010
dawnjo13 in Pennsylvania