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Le Creuset - How to tell what size?

I was wondering about two braisier (LC) enamel covered CI dishes that I have coming from a vintage is marked 28 and one 32. What are the capacities of these pans? the dimensions are 14.75x9.25x1.75 and the other is 13.5x8x1.75. Anyone have any idea? I used the chart provided by rovergal to figure out my round oven and pot sizes and 16 corresponds to 'A' etc if I have it correctly. Thanks, btw, I made the bb in julias vol 1 as my first dish in french cooking and it was spectacular.

Jun 25, 2010
hoosierhospitality in Cookware

Tipping Homeless "Helpers"

Well, I remember when I was a child that doormen were hired to do a job and were paid for it and that they also recieved tips. If this person was hired by the establishment you are going to patronize would you have a problem with it? If the person who washed your windshield was hired by the 'service station' -those were the days...would you have a problem with it? In this day and age a self starter is often a trait that is desired by those wishing to hire someone. Poor you, you didn't ask for this service. Be a human being. Put yourself in his shoes. Is this something you have to have someone's opinion about, listen to your heart...of course you will have to be quiet long enough to hear the reply. You already knew the answer before you asked the question. Do the right thing.

Jun 25, 2010
hoosierhospitality in Features