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Texas BBQ - A Northener's Perspective

That's strange about City Market. It's been packed every time I've gone and always wonderful. I seem to remember being warned to avoid a nearby BBQ in Luling that's not nearly as good. Hope you didn't go to the wrong one! The sausage ('hots' as they call em) is out of this world imho.

Glad you enjoyed the trip, otherwise.

Oct 11, 2007
coppellite in Austin

Dallas Barbecue - Al's or Sonny's?

The original Sonny Bryan's on Lemmon is the best in Dallas proper, imo.

If you don't mind the drive then Rudy's in Denton is your best bet. I'm sure this will bring the ire of some people, but it I think it's the best in DFW and closest to central Texas Q.

Oct 09, 2007
coppellite in Texas

Texas State Fair

I just saw "Barbecued Frito Pie" on their website. ????? Intriguing.

Sep 24, 2007
coppellite in Texas

Central Texas BBQ

Chisholm Trail in Lockhart is very underrated. Probably the best BBQ value in the state. When my brother lived there, this was where we went to 'feed the family'.

Luling City market is the king though. Oh how I pine for central Texas Q.

Sep 18, 2007
coppellite in Texas

Visiting from New York City

While I like El Fenix, it's pretty basic and almost cafeteria like. It's a little weird getting your enchilada plate literally 30 sec's after ordering. Not some place I'd take out-of-towners or colleagues really.

Cantina Laredo would be my suggestion. They have the standards as well as some unique dishes. And reasonably priced. Blue Mesa is another good suggestion but, as mentioned above, it's more southwestern than Tex-Mex. A neat place none-the-less.

For BBQ you are bascially SOL in Addison, as this whole area is sorely missing good Q. Just skip it. Texas BBQ flourishes just about everywhere but D/FW and nothing of note in Addison.

If you haven't had the Brazilian steak experience in NYC, then I STRONGLY recommend either Texas de Brazil or Fogo de Chao. Both are in the heart of Addison. Some may have a favorite among the two but I find them very similar. Perfect for entertaining friends or co-workers. Check out their websites to see which one you like better. Edit: Just saw where you're talking $25 a person. These are both $40, fyi

Others I like:

Lefty's seafood. It's a New England themed hole in the wall but worth it just for the king crab leg (as big as your arm).

Lawry's the Prime Rib. A Dallas institution. This is where they have the beef bowl eating contest before the cotton bowl game. So they aren't short on portions.

Nate's. Solid cajun and seafood.

Sambuca. Swanky seafood and steak joint with live jazz.

Snuffers. Casual burger place. I really love their burgers but others find them too greasy/salty. Most will agree that their cheese fries are sinful. I think they're illegal in most of the lower 48.

Sep 17, 2007
coppellite in Texas

Transcendant BBQ (Luling City Market, Luling, TX)

The only problem with City Market is having to stop eating. It's just the perfect marriage of smoke, sauce and atmosphere. Definitely the benchmark of Texas Q.

Aug 20, 2007
coppellite in Texas

BBQ within 30 mins of Dallas?

Rudy's in Denton.

Aug 20, 2007
coppellite in Texas

Hard Eight BBQ (coppell, tx)

Went a couple of weeks ago. We didn't order the brisket any special way so I got a very fatty piece while my SO got an extremely dry one. I'd say we'll know better next time how to order but nothing else was good there either. Ribs were fatty and pretty tough at the same time. Sausage was the best thing but Dickey's down the street is as good for that. And yes, they're very proud of it $$ wise. Couldn't believe the tab.
Banana pudding really rocked though - and I say that sincerely. good stuff.

I really hope they just need time to get everything "seasoned". I will not be returning until I hear better things. Building is cool anyway.

Interesting sidenote on Hard 8... I've heard the city of Coppell gave them some pretty big incentives to open here. I guess it's a big favorite of some deer hunting councilmen. Anyway, they could've have done better by opening a Spring Creek or somesuch.

what is best BBQ in Dallas?

Rudy's in Denton is my favorite. South central Texas style which is the best BBQ in the world, to me anyway. It's a chain but I have been disspointed with Dallas BBQ. After going to city market in Luling it changes your perspective on BBQ. Rudy's has it right.

Angelo's in FTW would have to be my 2nd favorite.

Aug 09, 2007
coppellite in Texas