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Bourbon-Marinated Flank Steak

We bought some silly Jim Beam - Red Stag. Don't much enjoy the drinking, but thought it might fit this recipe... anyone had both and think they may go together?

Jun 25, 2010
IanMacLatchie in Recipes

Arnold Palmer

There can actually be more to this recipe.
I've tried it with different teas for instance, and being diabetic I like a no-sugar lemonade.
I like making the tea from scratch - as opposed to a mix which tend to be pre-sweetened - I sometimes use Lemonade crystals - which I mix into the tea when it's warm to dissolve it completely.
I've tried with Chai Tea, Vanilla Tea and Earl Grey - and of course the regular Orange Pekoe - all make for a nice change. Although the Chai needs to be made weak, or it overpowers.
Also - needs a lemon wedge.
Also also - you must pour this over Ice, drinking it cold from the fridge is nice, but over ice it dilutes it just a wee bit enough to finish the flavour properly.

Jun 25, 2010
IanMacLatchie in Recipes