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Trader Joe's Yea/Nay thread - 4th Quarter 2010 [OLD]

I am currently eating this as I type and I have given up on the is quite foul. The sauce, however, is ok enough to eat with some bread....which is what I am doing. Definitely not worth a re-buy.

Apr 04, 2011
Buttock in Chains

Fruit, Leaf, Flower, or Root: Tasting Wine According to the Biodynamic Calendar

Although the quote
"The phases of the moon are powerful enough to move the ocean; why not affect a wine or our bodies?"
is awfully convincing, I still find this hard to believe...
I mean, what could the moon possibly be doing to me or my wine on certain days? And wouldn't it not function day-by-day but closer to week-by-week?

Either way, it's making me want to go grab a glass of vino...

Apr 04, 2011
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Basic Crêpes

I don't think she's over-complicating things...the recipe works well and really isn't that difficult. I would recommend this one to a friend!

Jun 25, 2010
Buttock in Recipes